Zenless Zone Zero has a number of characters, all with certainly one of 5 Specialties, however what precisely does that imply? We'll clarify the variations between every Specialty and the way they modify the characters' playstyles.

All Specialties in Zenless Zone Zero, Defined

There are 5 specialties in Zenless Zone Zero that act equally to lessons, that are Assault, Protection, Assist, Stun and Anomaly. A Specialty determines your character's construct and fight duties, making it simpler to create respectable crew compositions. Let's check out every Specialty and the way it works.

Assault Specialty

Brokers with the Assault specialty possess formidable injury capabilities and are glorious at quickly accumulating injury via direct assaults, permitting the battle to finish shortly. These brokers sometimes excel at ATK Stats and there are extra Assault Brokers than another Specialty, with seven obtainable to your roster.

AntonioElectricalTo drill
truncheonPhysicistTo drill
Soldier 11FireplaceBar
Zhu YuanEtherTo drill

Protection Specialties

Brokers with a specialization in protection have elevated survivability and tanking excellence enemy assaults. They’re additionally excellent at counterattacks to achieve the higher hand in battle. Protection Brokers will normally have Greater HP and DEF statsThus far, there is just one defensive character in Zenless Zone Zero.

A lot largerFireplaceStrike

Gorgeous Specialty

Stun brokers have sturdy management capabilities and excel in rising the Daze impact to stun enemies which opens up alternatives to your crew to deal extra injury. Characters with this specialty ought to have a highest affect statistic to extend the quantity of stun an enemy receives, and there are presently three shocked characters obtainable.


Specialty Assist

Brokers who’ve the Assist specialization are right here to assist and empower crew members by empowering them to enhance their effectiveness in fight. Whereas they could have low ATK stats, they need to be greater in HP and DEFin addition to Vitality regeneration to make use of their buffs extra usually. Thus far, there are solely three Assist Brokers.


Specialty Anomaly

Anomaly brokers specialise in apply debuffs to enemies whereas being expert in accumulation of anomalies which weakens enemies and offers injury whereas triggering attribute anomalies. They need to have the next worth Anomaly Attribute and Bonus Anomaly Fee Statisticsand for the time being there is just one Anomaly character.

AdornElectricalTo drill

Hopefully you now have a greater understanding of how every of the 5 Specialties works in Zenless Zone Zero!

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