Honkai: Star Rail simply launched his 1.2 replace, and it is actually large. Not solely does it function new tales and characters, however there’s new content material to farm, in addition to new relics.

It may be overwhelming to log in and see a sequence of purple dots on every thing, indicating all new content material, so this is a breakdown of the largest updates in Honkai: Star Railreplace 1.2 by.

Xianzhou Luofu’s story continues in Trailblaze Quests

The Xianzhou Luofu-focused Trailblaze missions are nearing their conclusion within the new patch, concluding our journey by means of this history-rich space. We nonetheless have some questions, so it appears like there are extra to come back, however this new addition to the story provides the ultimate (?) boss, similar to Cocolia’s in Jarilo-VI.

As you progress by means of the brand new story missions, you’ll come throughout two new maps: Alchemical Fee AND Scalegorge Waterscape. Every comes full with a brand new set of chests to seek out, puzzles to unravel, and a brand new sort of villain to take down.

There are new bosses to combat

There’s something new Stagnant shadow boss (these you need to combat for materials for character ascension) and a brand new one Chief Echo of Battle (those you need to combat for to trace ascension materials).

Each are locked behind the story, and Blade makes use of supplies from each to stage up, so for those who’ve pulled Blade from gacha, you may want to finish the story to stage him up correctly.

Blade is out now, with Kafka coming later

That mentioned, Lama, the brand new five-star character Wind Destruction is now out there. He consumes his personal HP to deal huge injury (and recuperate a few of that HP), so if that type of playstyle appeals to you, he’ll stick round on the gacha banner for about three weeks.

After popping out on August 8, Kafka, the Lightning Nihility Stellaron Hunter everybody has been ready for, will be a part of the sport through gacha. Alongside him, a brand new four-star character named Luca will debut. Luka is a personality of bodily nihility.

In fact, alongside these new character launches come their very own private gentle cones, additionally associated to the gacha.

Forgotten Corridor and Simulated Universe each have new additions

Forgotten Corridor now has 15 new phases that are themed with the Xianzhou Luofu space and you’ll get a free Yukong for finishing at the very least one of many phases. Cute! This additionally signifies that there are extra star jades to farm as you earn stars in every stage. You have to full the Trailblaze quest “Xianzhou Luofu – A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant” to unlock this new part.

The simulated universe additionally has an extra world (World 7) the place you’ll have to combat the dreaded deer boss of Xianzhou Luofu storyline. You have to full the Trailblaze mission “Xianzhou Luofu – Buzzing Antlers, Entwined Horns” and world 6 to unlock world 7.

There are new relics and planar ornaments to farm

Finishing the brand new world 7 of the simulated universe will reward once more Planar ornaments: Blazing Area and Damaged Keel.

There’s additionally a brand new Cavern of Corrosion for farming two new sorts relics From: Longevous Disciple and Messenger Traversing Hackerspace. The brand new cave is in Alchemy Fee, so you may should be at the very least that far within the story to handle it.

You possibly can see the consequences of the relic and planar decoration beneath, as per the sport:

Damaged keel

2-Piece Set Bonus: Will increase the wearer’s impact RES by 10%. When the wearer’s RES is 30% or larger, all allies’ CRIT DAN is elevated by 10%.

Blazing Area

2-Piece Set Bonus: Will increase the wearer’s CRIT price by 8%. When the wearer’s present CRIT Price reaches 70% or extra, the wearer’s expertise’ base ATK and DMG enhance by 20%.

Lengthy-lived disciple

2-Piece Set Bonus: Will increase max HP by 12%.

4-Piece Set Bonus: When the wearer is hit or their HP is consumed by an ally or themselves, their CRIT price is elevated by 8% for two turns and as much as 2 stacks.

Messenger crossing hacker house

2-Piece Set Bonus: Enhance SPD by 6%.

4-Piece Set Bonus: When the wearer Ultimates on an ally, SPD for all allies is elevated by 12% for 1 flip(s). This impact can’t be stacked.

Blade prepares his attack against two dog-like monsters and a monkey-like monster in Honkai: Star Rail

You’ll have to take down new enemies to get the brand new relics.
Picture: Hoyoverse through docemas

Seele’s final capacity will not appear to be a flash bang with a brand new “eye consolation mode” setting.

Now you can activate a “eye consolation mode” within the settings to tone down the flashy results of some expertise in battle, like Seele’s. It has been a very long time coming, as many customers (myself included) felt like they have been personally getting punched within the face each time they used Seele’s final capacity.

Concord buffers will now do a greater job of focusing on in auto battles

Or so the patch notes say. The replace notes do not clarify how they may goal particularly, however hopefully they may begin focusing on larger assault characters or characters with DPS roles.

Now you can check out the common warp characters

Common five-star warp characters (Himeko, Welt, Clara, Bronya, Gepard, Yanqing, and Bailu) can now be performed in your individual trials, as can occasion warp characters. To entry these trials, go to the usual warp banner and faucet the “character trial” button on the backside. Every of those will mean you can take a look at the character and provide you with a handful of rewards (together with Stellar Jade).

For the complete patch notes, you’ll be able to try the Hoyoverse web site.


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