Tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of Molduga Jaws in Tears of the Kingdom

After defeating the underworld boss Molduga The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears, you may earn a weapon or two and a wide range of distinctive objects. One such drop, the Molduga Jaw, boasts a base assault energy of 32, roughly equal to that of the common silver monster horn. Nevertheless, when you have the best setup, Molduga Jaw can truly change into one of the highly effective fuse monster elements within the recreation. Positive, you do not want it for even the hardest fight encounters, however if you happen to nonetheless need to get essentially the most out of Molduga Jaws in Kingdom tearsso here is how.

Tricks to improve the ability of Molduga Jaws

One of the essential points of the Molduga Jaw has to do with its standing as bone materials, which means it really works with the proficiency modifier in bone weapons. Solely two armor units grant you this modifier when worn: the Radiant set and the Evil Spirit set.

You possibly can simply buy the Radiant Set from the clothes store in Kakariko village, although we advocate finishing The Gloom-Borne Sickness quest to convey the costs down. Additionally, to unlock the bone weapon proficiency modifier for the Radiant set, it is advisable improve all three armor items twice. This requires a single Bokoblin Guts merchandise, two Moblin Guts, 25 Glowstones, and 60 rupees for every bit within the set.

In case you’d reasonably use the Evil Spirit set, although, you may must unlock every bit of armor first by finishing all three Lomei Labyrinth quests within the Hebra, Akkala, and Gerudo areas. When you cannot improve the Evil Spirit set, it does get pleasure from providing you with the ability buff with bone weapons instantly.

With this buff energetic, weapons with a Molduga Jaw hooked up will obtain a decent improve in assault energy. And mixing that with a robust weapon and a stage three assault buff, which you’ll be able to simply get by cooking 5 Mighty Bananas and consuming the ensuing meal, Molduga Jaws can tear aside just about any boss in Kingdom tears regardless of their energy.

Tears Of The Molduga Kingdom Jaws Zora Longsword

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