Some missions in Satan 4 they’re locked behind development in the principle storyline. Many of the missions within the Hawazar area rely on the storyline. Subsequently, you’ll need to finish Act 4 earlier than you’ll be able to enter the swamps. Earlier than finishing the mission Swamp Safety in Satan 4, you should have needed to meet Timue with Lorath and unlock his little swampy hut. The swamps are gross, stuffed with bugs and snakes, and really inhospitable, however fortunately this quest is not too tough to finish.

Tips on how to full the mission The Safety of the Swamp in Satan 4

How to complete the Swamp Protection quest in Diablo 4

The Wetland Safety mission in Satan 4 it solely requires you to ship therapeutic medication. You’ll have to go to three putrid locations across the swamp. After you efficiently unlock Timues Hovel’s location in Act 4, within the Wrack and Smash storyline, you’ll be able to return to her to renew her mission. Her shack is true on the border between The Marsh and The Forsaken Coast.

Enter the hovel and ask Timue about his quest, The Swamps Safety; He provides you with therapeutic herbs to take to the three swamp dwellers in want. Head to their 3 areas and take out the enemies which can be bothering them earlier than speaking to them. When you’re on the proper degree, you will not battle with this mission; Swamp safety may be very easy and won’t pressure your combating abilities.

Swamp Protection quest in Diablo 4

It is price noting that the highest proper, or northeast, level drop has an Alter of Lilith proper subsequent to it if you have not already acquired it. A pleasant strategy to kill two birds with one stone. The swamp is a later play space however it’s completely filled with wonderful Satan 4 dungeons, cellars and facet quests. None of those may be discovered till progress is made by way of the principle storyline.


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