The way to simply full the three,000,000 harm challenges in Halls of Torment

Whereas three is the magic quantity in lots of cultures world wide, 3,000,000 is the magic quantity in Halls of Torment. There are in-game challenges that ask you to deal a lot harm in a single run with each ability and even some regular weapons, making it a objective you will be capturing for all through with the sport. A few of these challenges are tougher than others, however they will all be simply overcome with the assistance of a easy trick. At present we are going to present you tips on how to simply full the three,000,000 harm challenges in Halls of Torment.

The way to simply deal 3,000,000 harm Halls of Torment

Head to the Forgotten Viaduct

How to easily complete the 3,000,000 damage challenges in Halls Of Torment Forgotten Viaduct

To make use of this methodology, you have to to succeed in the third stage of the sport, Forgotten Viaduct. If you have not unlocked it but, you are able to do so by defeating the Wraith Warlord boss within the second stage, Ember Grounds. This boss spawns across the 14 minute mark and assaults by sending clones of itself in a line or arc. He is a fast-moving enemy, however not terribly troublesome as soon as you have obtained the sample down on him.

Seize your favourite weapon

As soon as the Forgotten Viaduct is unlocked, enter it together with your favourite character. This methodology can work for any of them, however issues will go quicker when you use a personality with a excessive assault velocity, just like the Archer or the Exterminator. Within the stage, head to one of many two golden scrolls that spawn by default – one will spawn north of your beginning location and one south. Select the ability you need to full the three,000,000 harm problem for from the alternatives provided. If you happen to’re not provided on the primary Scroll, don’t be concerned – there are many Elites later to attempt your luck once more.

Search for the ghost wall

How to easily complete 3,000,000 damage challenges in Halls Of Torment Ghost Wall

When you’re prepared together with your capacity, proceed additional north or south (whichever scroll you initially selected) out of your location till you encounter the Ghost Wall. It is a block throughout the display of invincible ghost enemies, slowly however certainly marching in the direction of the middle of the stage from both aspect. Whereas the enemies that make up the Ghost Wall can’t be killed, they nonetheless take harmwhich is the important thing to our methodology.

Full 3,000,000 harm challenges

How to easily complete the 3,000,000 damage challenges in Halls Of Torment

So long as you keep near the ghost wall, your abilities will deal steady harm to it. The ghosts are fairly tightly packed, which means you’ll be able to typically hit a number of of them without delay, inflicting an enormous quantity of harm in report time. Stick round for a couple of minutes, with a couple of upgrades in your favourite ability, and you may simply attain and exceed the required 3,000,000 harm. Watch out when utilizing this methodology, nevertheless: standing close to the Ghost Wall provides you much less room to work with than ordinary and makes it tougher to choose your manner via the ranks of different enemies within the stage. This is not an issue for tanky characters just like the Shieldmaiden, however the likes of Archer and Sorceress might have to construct up their motion velocity to keep away from dying earlier than the three,000,000 cap is hit.

There you’ve got it: a way to simply full 3,000,000 harm challenges in Halls of Torment. You may typically attain 3,000,000 with two completely different abilities per run utilizing this technique and in some instances even a fundamental weapon. You may rinse and repeat this methodology to shortly full challenges on your full arsenal and unlock all potential upgrades on your abilities.

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