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The way to beat rule 24 within the password recreation

The way to beat rule 24 within the password recreation

In case you made it this far The sport of passwords, you are most likely reaching your sanity restrict, if not already nibbling and fascinated by killing some chickens. Chess, setting your password on fireplace, and periodic desk math nonetheless not sufficient to interrupt you? Nicely, get into Rule 24. That is going to harm. Here is the best way to beat rule 24 within the password recreation.

Hell on Earth, also called The Password Recreation Rule 24

Rule 24 asks you to fdiscover and paste a YouTube video URL with a random size. Chances are you’ll want a 15 minute video, you might want greater than thirty minutes. Both means, it’s important to search whereas Paul the Hen is gobbling up the worms.

So the best way to beat rule 24 in The Password Recreation? Nicely there isn’t a precise answer to this. Creating your video to match the timestamp with a one-minute timer is extraordinarily impractical except you will have a number of screens and video enhancing software program at hand. What you are able to do is filter YouTube search outcomes to be underneath or over 20 minutes relying on what you want.

Your finest wager is to seek for speedruns or timers with the size you are searching for. Once more, you are unlikely to get the precise time you want, and you will have to maintain scrolling. The excellent news is that not at all times Sufficient want the precise size. I’ve gotten away with one video that is a second longer than required, however not with one other try, so hold refining it. However it can nonetheless be balanced to feed Paul with analysis, which is the onerous half.

How to beat rule 24 in solving the password game

Once you discover the video url, know that you may strip the http:// and the channel identify from the url and it’ll nonetheless take it. What you possibly can’t do is put it in a url shortener to attempt to protect your different guidelines, so it can almost certainly turn into very onerous to take care of roman numerals and periodic desk math.


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