The very best weapons in Remnant 2

What are the very best weapons in Remnant 2? The realms of the Worldstone are harmful, filled with all kinds of foul aberrations. And not using a strong arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you will not final lengthy in your quest to destroy the Root that corrupts the world.

Every Remnant 2 archetype comes with its personal base loadout, and whereas you should purchase pistols and alternate melee weapons from Brabus the Arms Vendor in Ward 13, these rudimentary weapons are by far the least attention-grabbing in Remnant 2. Fortunately, we have compiled a listing of all the very best Remnant 2 weapons and their distinctive mods, together with the place to search out them and their materials value, so you’ll be able to equip your self with the very best gear in document occasions. Let’s go.

The very best weapons in Remnant 2

A lot of Remnant 2’s greatest weapons are crafted from distinctive supplies left over from Remnant 2 bosses, although in addition they require a flat-rate value of Lumenite Crystals and Scrap to buy from Ava McCabe.

Alternatively, weapons will be acquired by interacting with sure NPCs and finishing quests, so you might choose to scavenge for them when you’re operating low on supplies – needless to say you are tied to the RNG of the action-adventure recreation. If in case you have your coronary heart set on among the finest weapons on our record, figuring out how one can do a marketing campaign reroll is bound to assist.

The Cube Gun, one of the best weapons in Remnant 2, features a number of cubes that make up its shape, a glowing purple light embedded in its barrel surrounded by concentric circles.

Dice gun

This weapon combines the superior energy and ease of the Labyrinth’s final stand – its final, deadly protection dice. Projectiles return when hit or after reaching most vary. Reloading recovers fired bullets. Max 5 bullets fired. Limitless ammo. It might get scorching.

  • Weapon Kind: Pistol
  • Modify weapon: Dice Defend – Generates a dice protect that absorbs as much as 500 harm from incoming enemy projectiles. It lasts 15 seconds. Reactivation fires the protect dice that damages enemies because it travels. Harm will increase if the Dice Defend has absorbed harm from enemy projectiles earlier than firing.
  • Place: Accessible to craft from Ava McCabe after defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel in The Labyrinth.
  • Required supplies: Conflux Prism x1, Lumenite Crystal x7, Scrap Steel x1,000

Dreamcatcher, one of the best weapons in Remnant 2, a long staff with the dreamcatcher of the same name and a bright blue crescent moon.

Dream Catcher

There’s an ethereal lightness to this weapon, as if it have been product of paper or breath.

  • Weapon Kind: Melee
  • Modify weapon: Dreamwave – After dealing 250 harm, Cost Assault will launch a Dreamwaver, which is able to circulate outward 20m and return to the caster. Dreamwave applies Sluggish to all enemies for 10 seconds and grants a cost of Reverie for every enemy hit. Every stack grants +2% to all harm and +2% motion velocity, which lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Place: Ship the Three-Noticed Idol to the Veil simply earlier than the Evening Weaver battle.
  • Required supplies: N/A

Nightfall, one of the best weapons in Remnant 2, with a number of human fingers wrapped around its barrel.

Evening falls

A tool solid of pure evil. Fires hardened bone fragments at a speedy fee that deal bonus stagger. Semi-automatic with medium inventory.

  • Weapon Kind: Lengthy gun
  • Modify weapon: Dreadwalker – Enter the Nightmare Realm. Dusk features infinite ammo, a 35% fee of fireplace enhance, 10% lifesteal, and turns into absolutely computerized. The wielder turns into considerably tougher to hit whereas transferring. Disables different weapons and talents for the length or till Dreadwalker is deactivated. Final 10 seconds. Required mod energy: 1.250
  • Place: Accessible to craft from Ava McCabe after defeating The Nightweaver within the Tormented Asylum on Losomn.
  • Required supplies: Cursed Dreamsilk x1, Lumenite Crystal x7, Junk x1,000

The Red Doe Staff, one of the best weapons in Remnant 2, adorned with a small deer skull with large antlers that act as sharp spikes for goring enemies in hand-to-hand combat.

Stick of the crimson hind

A magical employees stated to comprise a therapeutic spirit. When it glows, Cost to forged.

  • Weapon Kind: Melee
  • Modify weapon: Lifeline – After dealing 250 harm, your subsequent charged assault sends Spirit of the Purple Doe hurtling ahead, dealing 195.2 harm to enemies and restoring 10% well being to allies.
  • Place: Accessible to craft from Ava McCabe after reviving the Doe and defeating the Corrupted Ravager within the Ravager’s Lair on Yaesha.
  • Required supplies: Stag Antlers x1, Lumenite Crystal x7, Scrap x1,000
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Nebula, one of the best weapons in Remnant 2, depicting the face of Tal'Ratha with organic tubes wrapped around its barrel.


Fires a jet of superheated acidic fuel that applies a Corrosion impact, inflicting 300 Corrosion harm over 15 seconds. Killing Corroded by Nebula targets generates a cloud of fuel that applies its impact on hit. Fuel clouds final for 2 seconds and will be refreshed.

  • Weapon Kind: Pistol
  • Modify weapon: Nano Swarm – Unleashes a swarm of nanomachines that chase enemies inside 20 meters and repeatedly assault for six acid harm per hit. Final 16 seconds.
  • Place: Accessible for crafting by Ava McCabe after defeating Tal’Ratha within the Forgotten Jail, N’Erud.
  • Required supplies: Spiced Bile x1, Lumenite Crystal x7, Scrap x1,000

In case you’re struggling to defeat the required bosses and purchase the very best Remnant 2 weapons of the bunch, it is likely to be value altering your Remnant 2 problem degree, though it does include some caveats. Alternatively, our primer to Remnant 2 co-op is bound to come in useful when you plan to dive into the ARPG with a buddy in tow. Lastly, take a look at our Remnant 2 overview for a style of our fight expertise all through the marketing campaign.

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