The right way to repair Discover Aneta The Heretic bug in Diablo 4

Sadly, not all video games are launched totally purposeful and require patches over time. Satan 4, regardless of a number of pre-releases and beta assessments, has encountered some game-breaking bugs that go away missions, initially, unsolvable. One bug I’ve personally run into and had to determine tips on how to repair is ​​with Aneta Satan 4‘s The Heretic Quest. At one level within the storyline, Aneta decides that she will’t be bothered to proceed and as an alternative she’s going to merely stand and moan exterior the cave she is to enter.

Repair the Discover Aneta bug Satan 4

After seeing Aneta being kicked out of her residence by individuals who claimed she was a heretic, it is as much as us to seek out and console her. A fast journey into the desert reveals her standing exterior a hidden cave. She’ll come throughout this as she’s being approached…or at the least that is what’s imagined to occur.

With The Heretic bug in Satan 4, he’ll simply stand exterior the cave and cry as an alternative of activating the subsequent part of the mission, making it unplayable. There does not appear to be a lot resolution at first, however it’s best to attempt them earlier than giving up hope.

Find the Aneta Diablo 4 The Heretic Side Quest bug fix

Give up The Heretic mission and reset the extent of speech

Merely go away Aneta on the cave and head to a world-class statue. As soon as on the statue, it’s best to change the world degree to ensure the mission is totally over and return. When you restart the mission it’s best to discover the bug with the Satan 4 The heretical quest has been mounted.

Reset the mission and full the close by occasion

With various quest bugs, just like the one in Fury In opposition to Destiny, the close to occasion is the issue. For one more resolution, it’s best to attempt abandoning the search from the search log and teleporting to the closest metropolis. After you do this, it’s essential to exit your character, do not hassle restarting Satan 4. Subsequent, head to the mission once more and begin the bugged heretic quest once more. Earlier than beginning within the Discover Aneta part, be sure you go to the occasion and kill all of the demons; this may stop it from inflicting issues with The Heretic bug.

Finally, Blizzard ought to repair The Heretic Discover Aneta bug satan 4, however till then, these will clear up your issues.

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