I do not know who’s in command of naming the fish, however lots of them have actually foolish names. Bonefish, Blobfish and Clownfish come to thoughts. You possibly can take a few of these in Dave the Diver, in addition to the horned parrotfish. I believe the dearth of excellent oxygen will get to the mind of underwater explorers. Catching Horned Parrotfish will take some work, however with the precise know-how, it may be carried out.

The right way to catch a horned parrotfish Dave the Diver

How to catch a Horned Parrotfish in Dave the Diver

As you progress by the storyline of Dave the Diver, you’ll finally be tasked with catching very particular fish for Udo. These duties have to be accomplished inside a day and can all the time current a problem. These duties are overdue, so you must have some fishing abilities up your sleeve.

Catching Horned Parrotfish takes extra than simply harpooning the massive man and be carried out with it. You may as well neglect about blowing it up with a grenade launcher. Udo desires the Horned Parrotfish to be caught with none hurt. This isn’t the way in which to Dave the Diver, however there are methods round it. You’ll need to enter the water with a tranquilizer dart gun.

The Horned Parrotfish will cost a Dave the Diver when it will get shut. Like most of the recreation fish, it’s aggressive. That is the place the parrotfish makes its mistake. To catch the Horned Parrotfish, you may have to tranquilize it, however its horns will deflect any frontal assault. Whereas the fish costs Dave the Diver, use the sprint and let it move you by. As soon as he passes, he shoots him proper within the butt with a tranquilizer dart. As soon as it’s asleep, you may seize it with none injury.


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