The place to search out the Trilby Valley Gleeok in Tears of the Kingdom

When you take into account your self a completionist, you in all probability wish to discover and defeat each Gleeok in existence The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears big world. This fashion you’ll get the Gleeok Monster Medal, which has no sport perform, however at the very least serves as a small recognition of your success. One of many Gleeoks required to earn this medal, nonetheless, is very effectively hidden, much more so than the King Gleeoks in each the Sky Islands and the Gleeok Den within the depths. This Gleeok makes his house within the Trilby Valley within the Eldin area, and this Kingdom tears the information will reveal the place you possibly can meet him.

Discover the Gleeok of Trilby Vale

You’ll find Trilby Valley south of Lake Ferona, which in flip is south of Loss of life Mountain. Nevertheless, should you go there and go searching, you in all probability will not discover the Gleeok irrespective of how onerous you search. It’s because the Gleeok, particularly a Flame Gleeok, just isn’t stage with the bottom. Somewhat, it flies very, very excessive within the sky, distant from even the closest sky islands.

When you head as much as the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, you possibly can launch as much as the South Eldin Sky Archipelago and glide south from there. Shifting in direction of Trilby Valley, you must lastly spot the flaming heads of the Flame Gleeok within the distance. Alternatively, you possibly can construct a jet ski or related contraption and fly straight as much as the Flame Gleeok from floor stage.

To tackle this Gleeok, ensure you carry a robust sufficient bow, some ice fruit or different ice-related gadgets to fuse together with your arrows, and loads of stamina. Since he is so excessive within the air, you may wish to use these assets to knock off all three of his heads in a single go. In any other case, you may have to return and begin over. When you handle to do this, although, you possibly can watch the Gleeok plummet all the best way down Trilby Valley, making it one of many coolest sights ever. Kingdom tears has to supply. The remainder of the combat performs out usually, so should you’ve defeated a Flame Gleeok earlier than, the identical methods will work right here.

Tears Of The Kingdom Trilby Valley Gleeok Map Location

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