Home Game News The place to search out Molduga in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

The place to search out Molduga in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

The place to search out Molduga in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)
Close up of the battle of Totk Gerudo Desert Molduga

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In The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears, you may discover all types of wildlife which have it in for you. Thankfully, you possibly can play dozens and even lots of of hours with out having to battle the fearsome sandworm, Molduga. Nonetheless, you could finally really feel the necessity to confront the creature. Right here is our information telling you the place to search out Molduga The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears.

Kingdom tears – the place to search out Molduga

THE Moldova lives all through the Gerudo Desert area. He spends most of his time underground, till one factor or one other causes him to blow up and assault. In the event you’re attempting to identify it from afar, you’ll have a tough time as a result of it hasn’t but discovered a tempting prey merchandise. And if he catches you attacking if you’re not prepared, you may have to shortly brush up on how you can defeat Molduga. In any other case, you could not final lengthy.

Totk Gerudo Desert Molduga Location Map

Whenever you’re lastly able to seek for Molduga, take a look at the screenshot of the map above. I marked it with 4 numbers similar to the locations the place I encountered the creature. Remember that it strikes shortly. Factors proven are approximate. The controller ought to vibrate when he is close by.

  1. Northwest of Miryotanog Shrinewest of quicksand Toruma Dunessearch for an NPC named Isha. She’s caught on some rocks. Use those self same rocks to securely battle Molduga.
  2. Head southeast from Kudanisar Shrineor north from Gerudo villageconserving west of the Ruins of Gerudo North. You may discover him patrolling the good open expanse.
  3. Look into the big space a brief distance east from Karahatag Shrine. In the event you do not discover it going through east, flip north and you might even see it approaching.
  4. Journey north from Siwakama Shrinenot far south of the Jap Gerudo Chasm. On the base of these cliffs, a Molduga patrols.

Earlier than you go looking for Molduga, be ready with loads of weapons. Bringing tools features a bow and plenty of arrows and Bomb flowers. You may do higher in the event you occupy the excessive floor and draw Molduga in direction of you, reasonably than being discovered first whereas working throughout the sand. Think about deleting the file Temple of Lightningso you do not have to take care of the sandstorm.

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears is accessible for buy from the Nintendo Retailer.


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