What’s the greatest Baldur’s Gate 3 Bard construct? We have got you coated. Our information takes a have a look at the Faculty of Valor, in addition to the very best alternatives for races, abilities and spells.

The Bard of Baldur’s Gate 3 sings tunes to empower teammates, whereas additionally taunting and demoralizing enemies. We beforehand coated numerous sides in our overview of Baldur’s Gate 3 courses with the intention to study all about them in time for the discharge date, which has been introduced ahead by nearly a month.

Finest Bard construct

Subclasses and spells

The most effective subclass of Bards in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Faculty of Valor. He has the next benefits:

  • Fight inspiration – Applies the default impact of Bardic Impressed to an ally, plus the choice so as to add +1d6 to the injury of his subsequent weapon assault or his Armor Class (AC) for one assault.
  • Proficiency with medium armor
  • Proficiency with shields
  • Proficiency in martial weapons

As of this writing, the Bard has two subclasses: Faculty of Lore and Faculty of Valor. You may select certainly one of these when you attain stage 3.

Perks alone make the Bard extra combat-ready, supplying you with the flexibility to struggle in opposition to your enemies. Comparatively, the Faculty of Lore is generally whether or not you need the Bard to achieve success in a wide range of ability checks. As such, it firmly relegates the category to a purely supportive function.

The best Baldur's Gate 3 Bard build is all about choosing the correct spells to deal damage


The most effective stats for Bard are:

  • 8-10 Power
  • 14-16 Dexterity
  • 14-15 Structure
  • 8-10 Intelligence
  • 10 Knowledge
  • 16 Charisma or greater

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Bard depends totally on Charisma to forged spells. Dexterity can be necessary for initiative and armor class. And, after all, there’s toughness, which boosts your HP.

The values ​​can change relying on which race you select, which we’ll totally clarify later.


The most effective race for Bard in Baldur’s Gate 3 is:

  • Picket half-elf
  • Asmodeus Tiefling

For sure, the Wooden-Half Elf is the very best race of Bards in Baldur’s Gate 3. That is because of the following:

  • +2 Charisma
  • Ability enhancements – This lets you add one level every to toughness and dexterity should you want
  • darkvision – Lets you see at midnight
  • Fey lineage – Resistance to appeal and sleep
  • Foot pace – Motion vary of 10.5m
  • Masks of the savage – Stealth ability

The Asmodeus Tiefling can be an affordable choice and comes with the next:

  • +2 Charisma
  • +1 Mind
  • darkvision
  • Hellish resistance – Hearth resistant
  • Thaumaturgy trick – Advantages for Intimidation and Efficiency controls
  • Legacy of Avernus: Burning Smite and Marking Smite – Extra spells that don’t eat a spell slot

Background and abilities

The most effective wallpaper for Bard is the Entertainer. The most effective abilities for Bard to deal with are Acrobatics, Efficiency, and Stealth.

As famous earlier, the bard should deal with charisma, dexterity, and toughness. The toughness itself has no associated skills, whilst you most likely will not have all of the choices primarily based on dexterity. Nonetheless, due to the bard’s traits, you possibly can have all the abilities that depend on charisma.

  • Background: entertainer – By far the very best Bard background in Baldur’s Gate 3. This offers you a lift to acrobatics (dexterity) and efficiency (charisma).
  • Expertise: stunts and efficiency (from the background of Entertainer); Streality (should you selected the half-elf of the woods); you possibly can then acquire deception, persuasion, and intimidation, all of that are charisma-based abilities.

Class Characteristic – Bardic Inspiration

Bardic inspiration is out there by default and is the characteristic that makes the Bard fairly distinctive. You can not forged this spell on your self, however you possibly can empower your allies. They, in flip, can acquire a +1d6 bonus on assault rolls, means checks, or saving throws. Your teammate does not want to make use of this bonus immediately, so he can put it aside till he really wants it.

By default, you possibly can solely have three stacks of Bardic Inspiration (throughout Early Entry). These are totally upgraded everytime you take an extended relaxation in your camp.

The best Baldur's Gate 3 bard build makes the most of a strong background

Leveling: The most effective bard spells

In contrast to different courses, the bard doesn’t put together spells from a pool. As a substitute, you could choose particular spells that can be usable. You won’t be able to entry or substitute those you may have chosen till you subsequent stage up. Subsequently, you will need to select those that you’d really want. Under, we have now listed what we take into account to be the very best spells for the Bard in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Stage 1 cheats

The most effective Methods for Bard are:

  • Fierce mockery – Offers psychic injury and imposes drawback on the enemy’s subsequent assault roll
  • Dancing lights – Create beams of sunshine to light up an space; makes it simpler to hit targets which are at midnight.

Stage 1 spells

The most effective spells for Bard are:

  • Phrase of therapeutic – Having a therapeutic spell as a bonus motion is at all times a good suggestion
  • Heroism – Prevents your ally from being scared and offers +5 short-term HP every flip
  • Dissonant whispers – Offers psychic injury and frightens a creature; if the goal makes a saving throw, it nonetheless takes half injury
  • Thunder wave – Requires focus, however will deal injury and knock away all targets in a frontal cone; fall injury might kill them outright

Stage 2: Jack of All Trades, Tune of Relaxation and Extra Spell

At stage 2, you may get the next advantages:

  • Handyman – This passive provides half your proficiency bonus on different means checks by which you aren’t proficient. Principally, this helps you cross numerous trials extra typically.
  • Tune of relaxation – Your get together is revived as should you additionally took a brief relaxation (for instance, therapeutic and mage spell slot refresh).
  • Tasha’s terrible chortle – Causes the creature to grow to be vulnerable to chortle; might shrug off the impact if it takes injury.

Stage 3: Subclass alternative, ability with proficiency, and stage 2 spell slot

This time, you possibly can select your subclass. Naturally, we’ll go together with the Faculty of Valor. Likewise, you possibly can choose two abilities you have already got proficiency in, granting them expertise for a fair greater bonus.

Listed here are the very best stage 2 spells for Bard:

  • In items (greatest) – Offers thunder injury in a small radius; on a saving throw, the goal nonetheless takes half injury
  • Ghost Drive (optionally available) – Offers Psychic injury and extra injury per flip; the component/kind modifications relying on what induced the injury
  • Calm Feelings (optionally available) – Makes all humanoids in an space proof against appeal or concern results
  • Cloud of daggers (optionally available) – Summons spinning daggers in an space; lasts 10 rounds

Stage 4: Further cantrip and stage 2 spell slot

At stage 4, you possibly can choose one other cantrip. Blade Ward stays the one viable choice right here, because it gives resistance to weapon assaults. Equally, you possibly can select one other stage 2 spell, so be happy to select from the ideas we talked about above.

Stage 5: Supply of inspiration, improved bardic inspiration, and stage 3 spell slot

At stage 5, you’ll acquire the next:

  • Supply of inspiration – Bardic inspiration totally recharges whenever you take lengthy breaks and brief breaks.
  • Improved bardic inspiration – Bonus is now +1d8.
  • Stage 3 spell – We advocate Hypnotic sample, as it will possibly hypnotize all creatures inside a medium-sized space. This prevents them from taking actions or transferring, and the impact ends solely when attacked or helped.

Use the character creation screen effectively for the best Baldur's Gate 3 bard build


Whereas the Faculty of Valor subclass permits the Bard to be extra viable in fight conditions, you will not at all times be on the entrance traces. As such, you possibly can solely make do with a hand weapon and a protect, in addition to a hand crossbow. Medium armor can be a given, so don’t fret an excessive amount of about your defenses.

As for the opposite gadgets, you’ll positively need the Cap of Curing. This grants a lift to your Bardic Inspiration, inflicting it to additionally heal your ally for +1d6 HP. It’s present in a golden chest subsequent to a Tiefling Bard named Alfira in Druid Grove.

This does it for our Baldur’s Gate 3 Bard constructing information. Remember that Early Entry solely permits gamers to achieve stage 5. The complete model of the sport raises the extent cap to 12. Likewise, there are extra races, courses, and spells to select from. For extra suggestions and methods, you possibly can go to our BG3 guides hub.


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