Star Ocean: The Second Story R will deliver the 90s PlayStation RPG to PC with a shocking new 2.5D look

Sci-fi RPG Star Ocean: The Second Story is again with a remake that provides the 90s PlayStation recreation a stunning 2.5D coat of paint and its first ever PC outing.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R remasters the second entry within the long-running franchise – which just lately ventured onto PC in final yr’s sixth installment The Divine Drive – with a mix of 3D environments full of 2D character sprites.

The two.5D impact just like Octopath Traveler and Triangle Technique is very attractive, with new character artwork by collection veteran illustrator Yukihiro Kajimoto mixing into the nostalgic mixture of types. Whereas I personally discovered Octopath Traveler’s visible type a bit hit or miss, the look of the Second Story R trailer appealed to me. Perhaps I am a 2.5D convert now.

The second story follows stranded Pangalactic Federation officer Claude C. Kenny as he meets mystic Rena Lanford on a planet threatened with destruction. As is typical of the collection, you may select to play as Claude or Rena, affecting the companions you may add to your get together and the branching story paths.

In one other hallmark of the collection, the second Star Ocean recreation featured a lot of totally different endings that have been influenced by your decisions all through its lengthy historical past. In R, these endings shall be dealt with by the Personal Actions system, which tracks your relationships with greater than a dozen allies and what endings you’ve got unlocked.

The upcoming remake’s fight will apparently introduce new mechanics to battles, together with the power to “break” enemies with repeated assaults, opening the window for damaging follow-up assaults.

Different additions in The Second Story R embrace a re-composed soundtrack and full voice appearing throughout occasion scenes by the sport’s unique forged, with the choice so as to add additional dialogue from the earlier 2008 PSP remake Second Evolution.

Regardless of being the second within the Star Ocean collection, you need not have performed the primary entry to dive in right here, particularly contemplating The Second Story was the primary Star Ocean recreation to hit the West in 1999.

The Second Story R is coming to PC on November 2, permitting you to attempt it out and determine for your self what you consider its look.

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