Pikmin 4 lists all areas and achievements

In Pikmin 4you’ll have to journey to extra areas to unlock new treasures, full the story and uncover new varieties of Pikmin.

Pikmin 4 has six levels and every one will solely unlock as soon as you’ve got collected sufficient treasure and accomplished story goals. The treasure you get can be reworked into Sparklium, which helps gasoline your ship to search out new areas. There’s a whole lot of treasure within the recreation, so that you should not have an issue catching sufficient to unlock the degrees. When you’re caught, bear in mind to make use of Oatchi’s detective abilities to search out extra treasures.

Under, we record all of them Pikmin 4 levels together with what number of collectibles (rescues, treasures, and onions) are in every. Be aware that after we record onions, this additionally consists of Flarlic bulbs (onions that develop the variety of Pikmin you possibly can have however do not unlock new Pikmin).

Terrace dappled by the solar

That is the beginning space, which is a backyard outdoors the home. Right here you’ll discover ways to play the fundamentals of the sport utilizing a number of various kinds of Pikmin.

  • 7 saves
  • 34 treasures
  • 4 onions

Arcadia in bloom

It is a flowery space closest to the stately dwelling you see within the distance. You’ll need to make use of Rock Pikmin and Blue Pikmin to completely discover the world.

  • 9 saves
  • 60 treasures
  • 3 onions

Serene shores

This sandy space has a mixture of excessive and low tides – the water within the space will subside about mid-day. Use a mixture of blue, ice, and pink Pikmin to traverse the waters with ease.

  • 10 saves
  • 86 treasures
  • 3 onions

The Hero’s Hideout

The within of the home is daunting, nevertheless it’s simply the primary flooring of a home. You’ll need to grasp using various kinds of Pikmin together with Ice and Rock Pikmin to completely discover this space.

  • 6 saves
  • 86 treasures
  • 3 onions

Fireside of the Big

That is the yard (form of) of the home, full with a brick grilling space. You’ll have to use fiery pine cones and crimson Pikmin to unlock all of the totally different areas.

  • 8 saves
  • 55 treasures
  • 3 onions

Primeval Grove

The ultimate space is again to a dense wooded space, teeming with unfamiliar beings and toadstools. You’ll need to make use of the White Pikmin to clear the poison.

  • 8 saves
  • 89 treasures
  • 3 onions

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