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Pikmin 4 full listing of treasures and areas

Pikmin 4 full listing of treasures and areas
A blue GameBoy Advance SP is open on some dirt in Pikmin 4
Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo through docemas

The place to search out at the least considered one of every treasure in Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 it is filled with fruits and different objects across the earth, particularly known as “treasure” in recreation. Though the explorers have no idea what these things are, they take these treasures to assist restore and improve their spaceship. The extra treasures you get, the extra areas you possibly can unlock.

Not all treasures are distinctive, as you will see that a number of of them on the map. It’s value mentioning that treasure gained throughout dare battles doesn’t depend in direction of your treasure whole and isn’t recorded in your log. There are 239 distinctive treasures AND 859 whole treasures.

Under, we listing all of the treasures contained Pikmin 4in addition to the primary place to search out it, as listed through the in-game treasure catalog NPC, Schnauz.

The right way to discover the lacking treasure in Pikmin 4

If you do not get 100% for the treasure in a selected cave or space, you possibly can order Oatchi to smell it out for you by holding down the Y button, choosing Oatchi instructionsthen choosing the file star icon. As soon as he guides you, when you do not see any treasure round you, strive throwing Pikmin on the bottom, because the treasure could also be buried beneath you.

A Pikmin 4 menu wheel showing you can command Oatchi
Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo through docemas

By buying the Treasure Gauge instrument from Russ to the bottom web site will can help you see the overall variety of treasures on every map. (With out this, the overall will solely be revealed as soon as each bit of treasure is obtained.)


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