Home Virtual Reality Meta releases “Quest Tremendous Decision” upscaling for sharper VR pictures

Meta releases “Quest Tremendous Decision” upscaling for sharper VR pictures

Meta releases “Quest Tremendous Decision” upscaling for sharper VR pictures

Meta Quest Tremendous Decision is a function that VR builders can allow for sharper visuals of their apps or video games.

Quest Tremendous Decision leverages Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Recreation Tremendous Decision (GSR) software program expertise.

GSR works just like AMD’s FSR 1.0, however is particularly optimized for the Adreno cell GPUs within the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets used within the Quest headset and runs in a single cross to maximise efficiency

This can be a step up from conventional sharpening, however to be clear it is not an AI system like NVIDIA’s DLSS. Meta is researching that sure, however it can probably require future chipsets.

Left: No person / Half: Regular Sharpness / Proper: High quality sharpness (tremendous decision)

Quest Tremendous Decision shall be out there within the v55 Unity Integration SDK, which is anticipated to be launched very quickly. Unity builders will see a brand new “Sharpness Sort” setting in v55 with two choices: Regular and High quality.

High quality makes use of Tremendous Decision expertise however comes at a major price by way of GPU efficiency, whereas Regular makes use of Distinction Adaptive Sharpening (CAS), a a lot decrease overhead algorithm extra akin to conventional sharpening.

In comparison with regular sharpening, high quality (tremendous decision) “prevents blurring and stairway artifacts from bilinear sampling and offers smoother edge reconstruction and reduces halo artifacts,” says Meta.

Meta says the precise price of Tremendous Decision’s GPU is dependent upon the content material. In apps with easy colours and easy gradients it can have a comparatively decrease GPU price, whereas in apps with extremely detailed textures and objects it can have a better GPU price.

Meta additionally notes the next limitations of Quest Tremendous Decision at present:

  • YUV textures and dice maps are usually not at present supported. Enabling Tremendous Decision will restore bilinear sampling.
  • The sub-championship format shall be supported beginning with V56.
  • Enabling Tremendous Decision will enhance GPU Timewarp price. Whether or not utilizing Tremendous Decision is healthier than dedicating that GPU to upscaling the eyebuffer is dependent upon an app’s compute bottleneck.
  • Enabling Tremendous Decision on content material near the display decision could trigger elevated temporal aliasing or flickering.


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