Home Guides Learn how to unlock purple onion and white onion in Pikmin 4

Learn how to unlock purple onion and white onion in Pikmin 4

Learn how to unlock purple onion and white onion in Pikmin 4

Purple pikmin AND White Pikmin they’re among the many strongest within the recreation, however to usher in their respective Onions Pikmin 4, you’ll actually need to work for it. You will be unable to unlock the Purple onion AND White onion till about midway by the sport and you may should be a Pikmin grasp to get them.

You have to to finish timed story missions and Dandori’s particular challenges to get the White Onion and Purple Onion. Word that you just actually have to finish these challenges your self – you’ll be able to’t use Dingo that can assist you auto-complete them like you’ll be able to with among the story items.

(and. Word: This information accommodates narrative spoilers for Pikmin 4.)

Learn how to entry the challenges for the Purple Onion and the White Onion

There are some things you’ll want to do earlier than you’ll be able to unlock the Purple Onion and White Onion:

  1. Full the story half within the Hero’s Refuge (the fourth space) to unlock Olimar on the ship’s base.
  2. Full The story of the shipwreck of Olimar – which suggests accumulating all 30 elements of the ship throughout the 15 day time restrict. You can begin by speaking to Olimar from his ship within the hub space.
  3. Enter the brand new mysterious cave (“Attempt the sage leaf”) that unlocks within the hub zone.

This space could have 10 flooring of Dandori challenges, and you’ll get an onion for each 5 flooring you full.

Learn how to unlock white onion in Pikmin 4

You’ll obtain White Onion as a reward for finishing”Fifth story: the white key” within the mysterious cave.

To get the white onion, you’ll have to use Rose, WhiteAND Pikmin Rock accumulate billiard balls to unlock a door. As soon as the door is open, you’ll be able to ask Pikmin to convey the White Onion to your ship, including it to your Onion.

Be sure you use your pink Pikmin as a lot as potential, as they’ll fly over some gaps, decreasing the time it takes to gather treasure.

A white onion in Pikmin 4 buried in the earth in a cave

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo through docemas

Learn how to unlock purple onion in Pikmin 4

You’ll have to full the tenth ground of the mysterious cave, “Ultimate Story: The Purple Key.

To get the purple onion, you’ll have to use Ice AND Purple pikmin, in addition to Oatchi, that can assist you navigate a maze with a Waterwraith in the best way. Except you are a Dandori professional, you will most likely want Oatchi’s energy to be maxed out, that means he’ll want to have the ability to carry 100 Pikmin in weight.

In case you are having bother making it in time, destroy the Waterwraith with Purple Pikmin as quickly as potential. Nonetheless, when you destroy the wheels it rolls on, you’ll be able to ignore it, because it will not actually hinder you after this. Use Oatchi to seize the heavy purple onion and use your Pikmin to clear a path to the ship.

A purple onion in Pikmin 4 sitting alone in a cave on concrete

Picture: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo through docemas


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