Learn how to improve barbarian armor in Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

The barbarian’s armor clicked on Kingdom tears it’s undoubtedly among the best within the recreation. His Assault Up buff could make Hyperlink a significantly harmful opponent to any enemy within the recreation. However its protection score while you first purchase it’s as gradual as most different units within the recreation. So his defensive capabilities do not precisely match the usual of his buff. However the excellent news is you can improve it to higher shield Hyperlink in dangerous conditions. So, here is how one can improve the inserted barbarian armor Kingdom tears.

Kingdom tears: Learn how to improve barbarian armor

Ranging from the start, be sure to have all of the barbarian armor items in your stock. If you must run forwards and backwards to gather supplies then each bit will simply be a problem. After that, your subsequent job shall be to unlock the Nice Fairy fountains. You will have to unlock them so you may improve your armor Kingdom tears. As soon as each of those duties are full, we’re prepared to start the improve.

Every bit of barbarian armor requires the identical quantity of supplies. So the primary degree of helmet, armor and legs would require precisely the identical quantity and similar kind of supplies. This goes for each degree, so it makes issues a bit of simpler.

First Barbarian Armor Replace:

Second Barbarian Armor Improve:

  • x2 Lynel Saber Horn
  • x2 Lynel’s mace horn
  • x5 Razor Mushroom

Third Improve Barbarian Armor:

  • x3 Blue-Maned Lynel’s Saber Horn
  • x3 Blue-Maned Lynel’s Mace Horn
  • x3 Razorclaw Crab

Fourth Barbarian Armor Replace:

  • x3 White-Maned Lynel’s Saber Horn
  • x3 Membership horn of a white-maned lynx
  • Bladed Rhinoceros Beetle x3

Complete Supplies Wanted:

  • x9 Mighty thistle
  • Saber horn x6 Lynel
  • x6 Lynel’s mace horn
  • x15 Razor Mushroom
  • x9 Blue-Maned Lynel’s Saber Horn
  • x9 Blue maned lynx membership horn
  • x9 White-Maned Lynel’s Saber Horn
  • x9 Membership horn of a white-maned lynx
  • x9 Rhinoceros beetle
  • 3,040 rupees
Realm Tears Barbarian Armor Upgrade

To summarize, upgrading barbarian armor Kingdom tears it isn’t a straightforward job. And you’ll have to tiptoe with a variety of Lynels to have the ability to get every materials. Silver Lynels will current a specific problem as they’re a really sturdy foe Kingdom tears. Nonetheless, there are some strategies to eliminate Silver Lynels extra simply.

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears is now out there on Nintendo Swap.

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