Learn how to get Remnant 2 Shielded Coronary heart Relic

How do you get the Remnant 2 Shielded Coronary heart Relic? The shielded coronary heart is an alternate relic to the beginning one, the center of the dragon, and gives a protect for 100% of your most well being. Lasts 20 seconds or till protect is damaged by enemy injury.

Should you’re questioning easy methods to unlock the Shielded Coronary heart in Remnant 2, we have solved the advanced puzzle resulting in its location. We have additionally put collectively a tier record of Remnant 2 archetypes that will help you resolve which class to tackle Root. You can even unlock twin archetypes, so you’ll want to brush up on how.

Remnant of 2 Shielded Heart Relics: The heart now has a hard outer shell

Learn how to get the Protect Coronary heart Relic

This is easy methods to discover the Remnant 2 shielded coronary heart:

  • Head to the Tower of the Invisible.
  • After fixing the door and orb puzzle, head again by the door on the precise.
  • Go up the ramp and undergo the open door.
  • On the first carry to the precise, the carry ought to be on the high.
  • Soar down by the opening the place the lifting platform normally is.
  • Drop down by a gap within the flooring.
  • Place the ball within the receiver on the platform.
  • A brand new door will open, undergo it and take the elevator down.
  • The shielded coronary heart will glow purple in entrance of you.

The door and orb puzzle resulting in the Shielded Coronary heart could be discovered within the Tower of the Unseen. To unravel it, you simply have to gather the orbs which can be positioned within the receivers close to the doorways that shut and lock with a purple glow when the orb is eliminated. Utilizing the sequence of doorways, ramps and lifts, you may transport the orbs within the appropriate order to traverse the decrease space of ​​the Tower of the Unseen. It would take some trial and error, however when you get downstairs you may face a mini boss earlier than receiving a hoop from the fountain space.

Remnant 2 shielded heart: The orb receiver is on a platform that you can't jump onto from the ground

Flip round and you may see a platform that results in one other orb catcher. To get to this platform you must go up the ramp to the precise of the statue and thru the open door. Be sure you have an orb in your stock.

Remnant 2 shielded heart: A lifting platform has a hole through which you can descend to reach the platform

While you undergo the door, look to the precise and you may see a carry space, however when you’ve already accomplished the puzzle, the carry platform will likely be on the higher degree. Look down by the lifting platform and go down, then go down once more.

Dipping the orb opens a door to the right that you can go through to get the Remnant 2 shielded heart

You’ll now be on the platform immediately in entrance of the orb receiver. Submerge the sphere and a door will open to the precise, resulting in the shielded coronary heart.

Now that you’ve got the Shielded Coronary heart Relic, you may be questioning how one can improve it to get extra expenses. After upgrading your construct, you are able to tackle any of the Remnant 2 bosses within the sport.

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