Home Game News Learn how to get all Blue Mage spells in FFXIV 6.45

Learn how to get all Blue Mage spells in FFXIV 6.45

Learn how to get all Blue Mage spells in FFXIV 6.45

Patch 6.45 raised the Blue Mage stage cap to 80 and added new spells from the Shadowbringers areas of the sport for Blue Mages so as to add to their arsenal, in addition to nifty shut gear. If you’re interested by Blue Mage content material, here’s a fast information on learn how to get all new Blue Mage Enchantments in FFXIV 6.45.


There are 20 new spells in complete to gather. As standard, you need to watch for the mob to make use of the spell earlier than you may kill it and search for an opportunity to study the spell. Solely three of them are from overworld mobs this time, the remainder are on obligation.

You will have the best time farming spells if you happen to deliver alongside buddies who aren’t blue mages to heal and DPS you, particularly for duties, or a full group of blue mages for farming functions. But when not, you might all the time attempt the mixture of Moon Flute, Bristle, Off-Guard and Ultimate Sting/Self-Destruct to see if you happen to can defeat the boss with you.

All Blue Mage spells in FFXIV 6.45: From the Overworld

Goblin Fist: Hobgoblin on Kholusia seaside simply outdoors Stilltide (36.8, 27.8).

Rehydration: Slippery armadillo at Amh Araeng at Qasr Sharl (round 32.6, 9.1). Take the Mord Souq Aetheryte and go northeast.

Schiltron: Lengthy-tailed armadillo at Amh Araeng in Ladle (round 15.6, 28.3). You will have to go south of Twine.

From the dungeons

  • Sugar stick: Aenc Thon, Lord of Lingering Gaze, remaining boss of Dohn Mheg
  • proper spherical: Higher Armadillo, Malikah’s Effectively, as a result of apparently Armadillos are very gifted!
  • Sentencing Marked: Forgiven Obscurity, remaining boss of Mount Gulg
  • Wild rage: Spectral Berserker, remaining boss of the Gauntlet of Heroes
  • Peat pores and skin: Mudman, first boss of Matoya’s Relict
  • Music of the ocean: Nixie, second boss of Matoya’s Relict
  • Deep clear: Seeker of Solitude, first boss of The Grand Cosmos
  • Lethal Flame: Lugus, remaining boss of Grand Cosmos
  • Apocalypse: Therion, remaining boss of Amaurot

From trials and raids

  • Divination Rune: Titania, The Dancing Plague
  • To be mortal: Titania, The Dancing Plague
  • Winged reprobation: Innocence, the crown of the Immaculate Conception
  • Ruby Dynamics: The Ruby Weapon, the Ash Drift
  • Dimensional shift: Eden Prime, Eden’s Gate: Resurrection
  • Laser eye: The promise of Eden, the promise of Eden: eternity

All Blue Mage spells in FFXIV 6.45: Different

  • Breath of Magic: From stage 80 Whalaqee Totem, obtained from Insurgent Gaheel Ja at Ul’dah Steps of Thal (12.5, 12.9).
  • Power area: A reward from studying 120 spells.

This is learn how to get all Blue Mage spells in FFXIV 6.45. These obligation bosses will not defeat themselves, so it is time to workforce up with some celebration seekers and blast for spells. Good looking!


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