Learn how to change issue in Remnant 2

How do you modify the issue in Remnant 2? Very like its notoriously troublesome predecessor, Remnant 2 is a difficult recreation, so that you’re unlikely to think about a rise in issue. When you’re simply that good, otherwise you’re on the lookout for a extra lifelike step again, it isn’t all that straightforward to do, so we have delved into the worlds of Relaxation II to learn how it is performed.

There are 4 issue ranges of Remnant 2, and given the difficult nature of the sport sequence, “straightforward mode” is definitely really useful for probably the most, i.e. the bottom issue. Nobody is “straightforward”. Subsequently, if you wish to have the perfect likelihood of surviving Remnant 2’s terrifying bosses, solo or in co-op, it is best to start out on the backside. If it is too late otherwise you wish to take it up a notch and actually problem your self, this is methods to improve or lower your issue degree in Remnant 2.

Relaxation 2 issue ranges

Whereas there are 4 issue ranges, as talked about above, there are solely three to select from to start out with, with the fourth – and hardest – unlocked when you full the sport on any of the opposite difficulties (though we do not essentially suggest going straight from Survivor to Apocalypse except you wish to throw the keyboard out the window).

The four different difficulty levels of Remnant 2 as seen at the start of the game.


The Survivor issue is “a strong place to begin for many gamers”, and is, as described by lead designer Ben Cureton, “the basic expertise”. No “straightforward mode” right here then.


Veteran is a step up from Survivor, described in-game as “a more difficult expertise with harder and extra deadly enemies.” You may wish to contemplate Veteran in the event you’re already an skilled Remnant fan and know the ramifications of adjusting the issue beneath earlier than committing.


Nightmare is likely to be the place you’d contemplate beginning in the event you’ve performed a variety of Remnant earlier than, however we’re nonetheless yelling at you to leap to Veteran degree. Nightmare is aptly named and is “mercilessly” robust. That is more likely to be a degree you possibly transfer to when you’re in Veteran mode for a few hours.


Accompanied just by the in-game phrases “Good Luck”, Apocalypse Mode is simply accessible to those that have accomplished the sport on some other issue, not even permitting you to aim it with out some prior expertise. From us too… Good luck.

The world stone of Remnant 2, where you can open the world map and change your difficulty level.

Learn how to change the issue degree

To alter the issue in Remnant 2, you must discover your technique to the world stone in Ward 13, as you may’t simply change your issue degree by way of the menu. As an alternative, open the world map by way of the world stone, choose “World Settings”, “Retire Marketing campaign”, and choose your new chosen issue.

Earlier than you go forward and alter your issue, word that relaunching your marketing campaign resets your progress and you’ll be despatched again to the beginning of a brand new world choice. Your worlds and RNG reset on altering issue, however worry not, you retain your character’s Remnant 2 weapons and gadgets. You too can use the reroll to easily change your world in the event you do not just like the one you have been given, however you may’t reset your archetype that method – fortunately, we clarify methods to change your class in our information to unlocking Remnant 2’s twin archetypes.

Now you know the way to alter the issue in Remnant 2, you may go forward and really feel the upper ranges with out worry – simply keep in mind that you will need to truly have the ability to get to that world stone first. When you’re caught on one of many many puzzles within the recreation, just like the plinth puzzle from Remnant 2 or the superior water harp puzzle, you may not even contemplate switching ranges since you might simply use one in every of our useful guides.

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