It is easy to overlook the toughness of oceanic fish. Crushing depths, freezing temperatures and pitch black visibility make the ocean depths an extremely hostile surroundings to reside in, but life finds a approach. Dave the Diver makes deep journeys into the depths of the blue gap. There are various extraordinary fish within the Baltic depths of the glacier passage. Even when it means an disagreeable time for Dave the Diver, many new fish may be caught. One to be careful for is the pelican eel, a fish that may assault Dave the Diverhowever that may be a actual result in seize.

Learn how to catch pelican eel Dave the Diver

How to catch pelican eel in Dave the Diver

The pelican eel is efficacious for extra than simply its scrumptious meat. Nevertheless, the meat is efficacious as stage 9 meat, which is ideal for sushi. The Pelican Eel pores and skin is required to make the Metal Web Gun which might immediately catch as much as 7 fish with out harming them in any respect. This makes for top of the range sushi, particularly if you’re deep fishing. Catching Pelican Eel Dave the Diver it takes some work however it’s price it.

Discover the pelican eel

Step one to catching a Pelican Eel is to move to the Glacial Passage space of ​​the sport. It will probably solely be accessed after finishing sufficient of the storyline and unlocking the realm. The important thing to the glacial passage will allow you to in. As soon as Dave the Diver is inside, you’ll have to make your approach by means of the passages, combating monsters and fixing puzzles.

Catch Pelican Eel

Pelican eel is just not the best fish to catch within the sport. It should assault instantly Dave the Diver on sight and might take numerous injury earlier than being captured. To verify Dave the Diver he has a suitably upgraded harpoon and an honest weapon outfitted. The pelican eel has numerous well being, so use your weapon to clear its well being earlier than harpooning it, in any other case it would take too lengthy. I might suggest the Sniper Tranquilizer for that candy 40% likelihood of immediately placing pelican eel to sleep.


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