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Learn how to beat 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

Learn how to beat 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom gives a difficult world stuffed with cookies, icing, monsters, and heroes. By the point you attain 16-30 in World Exploration, you’ll have had all kinds of adventures throughout a number of areas. However, this can be your most heartbreaking problem. Here is our information on methods to beat 16-30 inches Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom – methods to beat 16-30

If you attain degree 16-30, Wizards Sq., you might be in for an impolite awakening. The boss, The Wrath of the Burning Starit could knock characters out with one among its frequent space-of-impact assaults, even should you’ve buffed them rather a lot.

There isn’t any particular group formation that you just completely have to assemble for battle. Nonetheless, my analysis reveals some characters that are usually a part of the staff. For therapeutic, you’ll want to deliver Pure Vanilla or somebody equally successful. Many gamers discover cotton it is a strong selection. You would additionally embody Sorbet, which might deal injury at a distance from an intermediate place. One other major possibility is Rye.

Cookie Run Kingdom Rye Cookie

The boss is proof against debuffs. Whereas a boss technique would usually contain utilizing debuffs to supply weaknesses to use, in this case, it’s best to as an alternative depend on highly effective beaters and tanks so your characters survive an assault or two and might combat again with severe injury. On Reddit, saddness270 recommends Rye, Cuttlefish Ink, and MoonlightOR Black Pearl as characters who could make brief work of the boss’s protecting shields.

Cookie Run Kingdom Whichever character you decide on to your staff composition, degree them up sufficiently.

Stage 65 is really useful and degree 70 is even higher, so do not be afraid to grind a bit if you want to. Additionally, settle for that you want to actively manage what everybody does throughout battle (and when). Allow them to get into their pure roles and formation positions, however, take note of your enemy so you do not miss alternatives to heal when restoration is so as and to strike when applicable.

For treasures, take the scroll with you and observe. The Royal Hollyberrian necklace it could additionally be helpful for recovering from the aforementioned space of ​​impact assaults. For toppings, you need rather a lot of almonds. Attempt to have the Statue of Heroic Splendor not less than at degree 20. As all the time, extra is best. Additionally take a look at the next video from HyRoolLegend, which comprises strong recommendations on a battle-tested method.

As you can see, you’ll have to play rather a lot to fulfill and improve the characters that work greatest for you. As you progress via the marketing campaign, construct your military in your option to the showdown in 16-30. Prioritize any of the characters and gear listed above so you possibly can arrive ready with minimal wasted effort.

Cookie Run Kingdom Team Composition Ideas

To help you get started, here are some team composition ideas that can work well in Stages 16-30:

  1. Balanced Team: This team consists of cookies with a mix of healing and damage-dealing abilities. For example, using Milk Cookie for healing and Fire Spirit Cookie for damage can be effective.
  2. Fire-Based Team: As mentioned earlier, fire-based cookies have an elemental advantage at this stage. Consider a team of Fire Spirit Cookie, Flame Spirit Cookie, and Devil Cookie for strong elemental synergy.
  3. Debuff and Crowd Control Team: Cookies with debuff and crowd control abilities can disrupt the enemy’s strategies. Try using cookies like Chili Pepper Cookie, Ananas Dragon Cookie, and Lightning Cookie.
  4. Tanky Team: If you find that your cookies are too squishy, consider a team with high HP and defense. Cookies like Soda Cookies and Mustard Cookies can serve as effective tanks.


Stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom can be challenging, but with the right cookies and strategies, you can conquer it. Remember to adapt your team, enhance your cookies, and refine your skills. Each attempt is a step towards mastery, and don’t be discouraged by failures. With persistence and strategy, you’ll emerge victorious and continue your journey in the whimsical world of Cookie Run Kingdom. Good luck!


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