How you can get previous the locked door in Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2

The Vault of the Formless is a dungeon in Relaxation 2 discovered on N’Erud. That is truly a fairly unhealthy dungeon with numerous enemies to cope with. However what awaits you ultimately is a pleasant reward for individuals who would love a brand new weapon. Bother is, a seemingly keyless locked door is obstructing the best way on the very finish of the dungeon. And in the event you have a look at your map, you have most likely searched in every single place you may consider. Effectively don’t be concerned as a result of I used to be in the very same scenario. Here is how one can open that locked door within the Crypt of the Unformed in Relaxation 2.

Relaxation 2: How you can get previous the closed door

The Vault of the Formless offers you slightly trace in an earlier part. There must be a equally locked door that opens with a Home Lythla glyph. AND we want one other considered one of these to get via the locked door. To seek out it, it’s essential return to the penultimate room of the dungeon with rotating pillars.

Rest 2 Volta of the formless

Now the rotating pillars on this space are a key clue as to what we have to do. You may ignore the primary one although, so simply run straight when the opening is uncovered. The second is the place we wish to look forward to it to open after which enter. However as an alternative of continuing as regular, you wish to look forward to the pillar to spin when you’re in it. This takes you to a secret path with our key inside.

Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless 2

After getting the Home Lythla Glyph, we are able to return to our locked door Relaxation 2. Merely use this merchandise to open it and you’ll get a shiny new weapon on the opposite aspect. The Rupture Cannon is what occurs once you mix a handgun, shotgun, and bizarre alien tech into one gun. This weapon makes quick work of enemies who get near you. Nevertheless it does not deal with ranged enemies very effectively. Remember to double verify your archetype’s most popular weapons to see in the event that they match effectively along with your construct.

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