One of the vital frequent criticisms leveled at The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears it refers to how the sage’s abilities work. After finishing a dungeon and unlocking the respective sage, you may take their avatars to the sector to battle alongside you. They act on their very own initiative, however if you wish to use their distinctive talents, other than some context-sensitive instances, you must method them and press the A button. Because of the typically wonky AI, this may result in numerous irritating moments, particularly when an avatar is away from you and refuses to return close to you while you want them most. Nonetheless, you’ve just a few methods to draw sages to your place, and this one Kingdom tears guides will clarify these strategies.

Methods to reset sages places

If one in every of your avatars will get caught on a ledge or behind a wall, one strategy to change their place is to easily transfer the digital camera away from them. When you rotate the digital camera in direction of their path, the avatar will most definitely routinely transfer nearer to you. Some have urged whistling to name them again, however from my expertise, this does not appear to work.

Finally, rotating the digital camera is a fairly clunky resolution to the issue, however fortunately you’ve just a few alternate options. For instance, you may go to the Key Objects part of the pause menu earlier than closing after which recall your smart avatar. This could reset their place, however even this may really feel disruptive. The most effective strategies I discovered concerned climbing a wall and unfolding my paraglider. Performing both motion quickly removes your avatars from the sector, and as quickly as you land they often reappear subsequent to you.

As you attempt to put these strategies to make use of whereas exploring Kingdom tears, notice that the presence or absence of sages depends upon the dimensions of the avatars and the terrain you might be on. For those who’re on a small ledge or in an space with a low ceiling, which may not be an issue for somebody small like Tulin, however taller sages like Mineru may refuse to respawn till you progress elsewhere.

Tears of the Sidonian Kingdom Avatar Rating


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