Home Game News How one can beat the Lord of Regret in Halls of Torment

How one can beat the Lord of Regret in Halls of Torment

How one can beat the Lord of Regret in Halls of Torment
Halls of Torment Lord Of Regret Battle As Shield Maiden

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In Halls of Torment, you may discover three difficult enemy bosses often called “lords” lurking on the finish of particular person areas. Defeating them will take some work, and none are more durable than the Lord of Regret. Absorbs injury like a sponge absorbs water. Right here is our information that tells you easy methods to defeat the Lord of Regret Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment – easy methods to beat the Lord of Regret

THE Lord of Regret has an extended life meter that almost all of your assaults cannot scratch. It does not hit very exhausting and many of the strikes it sends your manner are simple to keep away from. Nonetheless, it additionally fills the sector with floating bombs that explode as you get nearer. Their presence makes it tough to even get shut sufficient to hit the goal. To beat the Lord of Remorse, you give attention to dealing vital injury with a personality that has robust protection and therapeutic capabilities.

Halls of Torment Lord Of Regret Shield Maiden Loadout

Your battle with the Lord of Remorse just about begins whenever you begin the Ember Grounds section. You need to spend the subsequent half-hour turning your chosen warrior right into a weapon of destruction. I recommend utilizing the Defend Maiden character. Begin with robust defensive abilities you could enhance.

Be sure to have the Thorn Fists outfitted. In any other case, the tools you convey into battle does not actually matter. It simply must get you thru the stage as you achieve ranges and thoroughly choose your traits and talents. The screenshot above reveals what I had readily available once I entered the battle.

As you play by means of the dungeon, maintain your wants in thoughts for the ultimate battle. Prioritize traits that enhance vital injury efficiency, well being regeneration, and defensive capabilities. For abilities, keep away from space of ​​impact assaults. I used to be fortunate sufficient to seize each recordsdata Ring blades and the Transfixion on my experience, together with the Arcane Shard. This proved to be best.

Halls of Torment Defeated Lord of Remorse

While you lastly face the Lord of Remorse, keep away from his assaults if you’re low on well being. Let your life meter refill as you keep away from the principle enemy and floating bombs. As soon as your waist meter is in good condition, get shut. Let your skills deal chip injury, whereas routinely countering if the Lord of Remorse hits you. Control your life meter and are available again to refuel if wanted.

The battle lasts for a while, even whenever you do issues proper. On my first profitable run, I managed to beat him in 5 minutes. Which may sound like loads, however in earlier runs I’ve misplaced about 20 minutes after which died simply earlier than ending the struggle. So long as you are good in regards to the traits you choose whereas taking part in Ember Grounds, you possibly can win the battle in minutes. If it takes for much longer, it might be an indication that you want to rethink your strategy.

Halls of Torment is accessible for buy on Steam.


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