Based on wikiHow's “Learn how to Fall Safely” web page, one of the best ways to attenuate harm throughout a fall is to remain unfastened, maintain your legs and arms bent, and roll on affect. Based on ragdoll shooter Helldivers 2, nevertheless, it's finest to face at consideration in mid-air and carry out a agency salute. The sport's emotes have lengthy been identified to supply surprising defensive benefits, with emergency hugs generally defending you from artillery fireplace, however now a Redditor has confirmed via cautious scientific experimentation that in addition they defend you from gravity.

The Redditor in query is the heroic 21471824781, whose exploits have been broadcast by VG247. Because the clip beneath demonstrates, waving or, if you happen to’re extra of a lover than a patriot, hugging the air as you fall will cut back the purple tint on affect. Different Redditors speculate that this is because of Helldivers 2’s unexpectedly in-depth simulation programs, with head injury mattering greater than injury to different physique components. Spreading your arms or protruding your elbow as a substitute of ragdolling means you’re much less prone to hit the ground in your head.

On this level, no less than, Helldivers 2 largely agrees with Wikihow (which advises individuals who fall to guard their heads, albeit unpatriotically). Then again, it might be that builders Arrowhead have utilized a basic nerf to emoting injury in order that emoting below fireplace is barely extra sensible. Regardless of the reply, it's a pleasant quirk for a recreation with “diving” within the title.

Consideration Helldivers, utilizing an emote mid-fall COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!
byu/21471824781 in Helldivers

There’s a wealthy historical past of individuals utilizing emotes in video video games for tactical acquire, although I can’t consider something fairly prefer it. Personally, I exploit them as misdirection instruments in PvP shooters, making an attempt to confuse and appeal an attacking participant with a honest Cheer emote solely to mercilessly gun them down the second they return the gesture. In Darkish Souls 3, in the meantime, you should use the Curl Up emoji to dodge boss assaults if you wish to sabotage any sense of theater and make poor Pontiff Sulyvahn seem like an absolute fool. Bought any comparable examples to share? In different information, Arrowhead is making ominous noises concerning the recreation’s just lately added black gap that would herald the reveal of the sport’s long-speculated Illuminate faction.


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