The MX Guardian is an absolute risk up shut and a lethal addition to Season 4 Reloaded. Shotguns are scary at the perfect of occasions, but when the weapon can be totally automated, it is downright terrifying! The MX Guardian is totally automated however can be a shot marking machine with none attachments. With the correct construct, we are able to enhance weapon texture and allow a “spray and pray” gameplay often reserved for SMGs. If you wish to wreak havoc with an auto rifle, let me present you the perfect MX Guardian Construct for MW2 AND struggle zone 2.

I extremely suggest constructing the MX Guardian, even in case you’re not often a fan of shotguns. Severely, it is that highly effective! When you have but to accumulate MX Guardian, try our information on the way to do it.

Greatest MX Guardian construct for MW2 AND struggle zone 2

Best MX Guardian build for MW2 and Warzone 2

The MX Guardian is so sturdy that it may be constructed with a myriad of various attachments. The construct under is the one I am having probably the most success with. I will clarify my reasoning and a few flex slots later.

MX Guardian Attachments

  • Barrel: HYP-LM
  • Warhead: SA MX-50
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Warrior Grip
  • Journal: MX Professional Magazine
  • Lasers: Hipshot L20

The HYP-LM Barrel presents us every part we may want for in MX Guardian. Harm vary and aimless hearth accuracy are important for this construct, and we get bullet velocity and recoil management as a welcome bonus.

The SA MX-50 is “finest within the slot” for the muzzle, giving us extra harm vary. Sound suppression is nice, as is bullet velocity. In case you’re very exact, you could get extra mileage with the Bryson Improved Choke, which presents a tighter pellet unfold. I do not assume that is large enough to lose suppression and velocity, however it’s a good choice.

I swear by the Bruen Warrior Grip for a lot of builds, because it significantly will increase our free purpose hearth potential. This grip solely has a detrimental impression on stats we do not care about, since we cannot be utilizing scopes a lot. The VX Pineapple and OP-X9 Foregrip each provide comparable buffs if you wish to experiment.

Best MX Guardian build for MW2 and Warzone 2

Sadly, there are not any prolonged magazines for MX Guardian. The choice is definitely worth the slot as MX Professional Magazine presents buffs to ADS Pace ​​​​​​and extra importantly Dash to Hearth Pace. Having the ability to immediately draw your weapon from a dash will win you numerous firefights.

Lastly, we now have the laser. That is a simple flex sew if you wish to tinker with the construct. The Hipshot L20 presents hip recoil management and hip hearth accuracy at the price of a visual laser beam. The Stovl Tac Laser is an efficient various if visibility bothers you. In case you’re not a fan of lasers, you possibly can slap on the Stream-SK rear grip for even higher sprint-like velocity in focus.

Are different ammo varieties okay?

I’ve tried the opposite ammo varieties, however I nonetheless assume the default is probably the most constant. In case you had to make use of various ammo, the Slugs are nice and take out gamers at ridiculous distances. In case you’re not a fan of lasers and have a spare assault slot, attempt the Slugs and see the way you fare.


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