Find out how to get Shishioji mount in FFXIV

One of many two new mounts added in 6.45 is unquestionably the toughest to pay money for. Shishioji mount by identify alone can result in confusion as to what it’s and the place to get it. It is a lengthy journey, however here is easy methods to get the Shishioji mount FFXIV.

Mount Shishioji: what and the place is it?

Shishioji is likely one of the 4 ultimate bosses of Mt. Rokkon and bonds with Moko over what I discover most painful to take care of, whatever the mechanics. As Mount Rokkon tells us, it is a legendary omen that whenever you get up from his napping stone statue, he isn’t desirous to see you.

How to get Shishioji mount in Ffxiv Boss

Getting this nightmarish flamable serpent-tailed mount so you possibly can ease reminiscences of being knocked out again and again is not any simple job. You must enterprise by One other Mount Rokkon which is Mount Rokkon however worse. Shishioji mount has an opportunity to drop from the ultimate boss treasure chest. If you do not have an excellent RNG, you can additionally purchase it for 100 Shishu Cash, which is about 25 dungeon runs. It isn’t humorous? To offer it credit score, it is at the least much less effort than getting 100 totems for an EX Trial mount.

To commerce the mount, it’s worthwhile to converse to Trisassant in Outdated Sharlayan, the place you possibly can commerce all rewards associated to Variant Dungeon. Use the Scholar’s Harbor Aetheryte and strategy the marker about (12, 13.3). Choose Rokkon Artifact Change and go to Shishu Coin Change. You might be searching for the Shishioji flute. Swap and use the merchandise and now you possibly can summon your hellspawn in any mounted space.

That is all for easy methods to get Shishioji mount FFXIV. Whether or not it is value it’s as much as you.

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