Large dangerous Madhu is a heck of a boss in Ghostrunner 2, and he’s going to have you ever dancing across the map like a loon. Madhu comes with three levels concurrently that must be crushed with some fairly intelligent know-how.

Beating Madhu in Ghostrunner 2

Not like different bosses, Madhu comes with three simultaneous levels. These all feed one another and must be defeated as quickly as potential.

Levels of Madhu

How to defeat Madhu in Ghostrunner 2
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Blade Madhu – That is the primary stage you’ll come up towards. He’s represented by the pink well being bar. This Madhu will swing his big scythe at you in case you get too shut.

Corrosive Madhu – You can not assault this Madhu as he has a pressure area defending him. He gained’t assault you, however he’ll get his well being again so long as he’s on this state. The inexperienced well being bar is for Corrosive Madhu in Ghostrunner 2.

Machine Gun Madhu – This one will assault your Ghostrunner with bombardment and a close-range machine gun. He may also push you again with a pressure area in case you get too shut. He’s represented by the blue well being bar.

Remaining Stage – Machine Gun and Blade Madhu mix for the ultimate stage. He isn’t too laborious to defeat, however you’ll want to remain conscious.


How to defeat Madhu in Ghostrunner 2
Screenshot: docemas

Within the early levels, use the middle of the sector with the grapples. Assault Madhu with about three or 4 sword assaults earlier than leaping throughout the hole. Madhu will comply with you. After he lands, you’ve got time to get one other set of assaults in on Madhu along with your Ghostrunner earlier than leaping again throughout the hole.

Upon getting whittled Madhu down in his first stage, he’ll bounce to a nook and begin his bombardment. Shut the hole as quick as potential and get in shut for some swipes. He’ll attempt to blast you again with a pressure area, however you may push via it with a splash. Get in shut and assault. He’ll try to shoot you with a machine gun, however dashing behind him will keep away from these.

Upon getting made a big dent in Machine Gun Madhu, he’ll swap to corrosive mode. On this stage, Madhu will summon numerous floor worms across the map. They are going to protect Madhu and are, in flip, shielded by their minions. You want to get your Ghostrunner to every of those worms and destroy their minions after which the worms as quickly as potential. The longer they dwell, the extra well being Madhu will get.

Rinse and repeat till you’ve got destroyed two of Madhu’s levels. Madhu will then swap to his remaining stage, which mixes blades and weapons. Use the methods of leaping throughout the middle of the map to maintain him leaping after you to get these swipes in after he lands.

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