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Dave the Diver: The place the Currents Circulation Quest Walkthrough


The ocean is a scary place. Untold Lovecraftian horrors, sunken ships and inexplicable currents all stay beneath the waves, simply ready to clean away any unsuspecting diver eternally. Dave the Diver he is not afraid of any of those, although. He conquers the challenges of the deep blue gap with a stiff higher lip and is armed along with his trusty harpoon, spearing something in his means. Nonetheless, his burly body is sort of prone to the desire of the undercurrents. You should have encountered this downside within the The place the Currents Circulation mission, so if you’re having a tough time, learn on for a easy walkthrough in Dave the Diver.

The place currents stream Answer

Earlier than beginning this mission, be sure to improve your tanks as a lot as attainable. The search could have Dave the Diver utilizing up fairly a little bit of oxygen as a consequence of numerous bumps and knocks. You have to to be as ready as attainable. The place the Currents Circulation is an preliminary quest that requires Dave the Diver to gather tools for the Salvage Drone.

Discover the place the currents stream

The very first thing it is advisable do is definitely find the currents hiding the components it is advisable gather. They’re often barely to the proper of the Blue Gap and might be about 60 yards away. You’ll be able to hear them as you method. Hear for a hissing sound. Strategy them with warning; unhealthy fish and quick currents will attempt to hurt our heroic diver.

Enter the limestone cave with Dave the Diver

The limestone cave is the place Dave the Diver should be to finish the mission. That is the place issues begin to get slightly messy and a few fin work is a should. You’ll discover that all through the cave there are robust currents that push you across the cave. The currents will stream into sharp corals and nasty fish. Nonetheless, these currents have small lull intervals that may assist you to maneuver Dave the Diver in a secure location.

My recommendation is to take your time and browse the present streams one after the other. Await it to cease, transfer previous it and right into a secure space, then sort out the following one. The trail is fairly self-explanatory as you go. There is just one route to go. Be careful for sharp rocks and harmful fish. Do not be afraid to make use of the sprint.

Have Dave the Diver take the tools

As soon as Dave the Diver reached the final cave within the The place the Currents Circulation mission, you will note the three items of the Salvage Drone on the bottom. These spots might be guarded by evil fish, so watch out and do away with them earlier than opening the chests with Dave the Diver. As soon as you have gathered your gear, use the identical approach to flee the currents and return to the boat. Use an escape pod in the event you run out of air.



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