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In The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears, struggle the Marbled Gohma on the finish of the Fireplace Temple as a part of Goron’s predominant questline. Whether or not you struggle this semi-throwback boss at this level within the recreation or later within the depths, you have got Yunobo by your aspect to smash his marbled rock legs for straightforward entry to his weak spot. For those who select to skip the Fireplace Temple and head to the ultimate boss space, nevertheless, the Marbled Gohma seems with out Yunobo there that will help you. Fortunately, you are greater than able to taking up Marbled Gohma by yourself, so here is tips on how to do it.

Preventing the Marbled Gohma with out Yunobo

Basic methods

For its first section, Marbled Gohma walks and performs one of some assaults relying in your proximity to it. For those who stand comparatively distant from the boss, he’ll throw about three small rocks in your common route which can explode after a while.

Sadly for Marbled Gohma, you should utilize these rocks to your benefit by Recalling one in every of them in order that it returns to the monster’s eye. Then, after canceling Recall, the rock will explode on the eyeball, damaging the boss and gorgeous him so you may land extra hits at him. Moreover, you may stun the Marbled Gohma by grabbing one of many rocks with Ultrahand and shifting it near the monster’s physique in order that the blast hits it.

As soon as you have surprised the boss, you will wish to rush to his higher physique earlier than he recovers so you may deal sufficient injury to his eyeball. Nonetheless, climbing on prime of it manually will show fairly tough because of the unusual form of the physique, so I favor to make use of Ascend to go all the best way as much as the eyeball. Will probably be surprised for fairly some time, however will finally stand up and squirm for some time earlier than trying to throw you off. Simply slide away from his physique to keep away from taking injury right here.

Different notable strikes

Whereas on the bottom, for those who method the Marbled Gohma whereas it’s lively, it can slam its complete physique and emit a harmful shockwave. He would not grow to be weak after this, so run away while you see him able to fall. For those who stand close to one in every of his legs specifically, he’ll as a substitute raise that leg and level it at you earlier than trying to swat you with it.

Not like the physique slam, this truly leaves the Marbled Gohma weak, although not for so long as you stun it. As quickly as he raises his paw, rapidly go below it, climb to the highest, take a couple of hits and go away earlier than he shakes you off.

Second section

When encountered exterior the Fireplace Temple, the Marbled Gohma’s second section performs out somewhat in another way. With no ceilings to crawl throughout, the Marbled Gohma stays grounded and assaults as common, albeit with a brand new trick up its sleeve. If you’re at vary, the boss crashes down and utterly surrounds you with giant rocks that explode over time similar to the smaller ones. You may climb one in every of them and slide off to keep away from explosions or you may summon one to run below it.

Utilizing Recall on one of many giant rocks will not ship it to the boss to stun him prefer it does with smaller rocks, however fortuitously the Ultrahand technique nonetheless works with the bigger ones. Remember that bigger rocks have an enormous blast radius, so transfer them a protected distance away so you do not by accident take injury whereas gorgeous the boss.

For those who keep away from all dungeons in Kingdom tears earlier than heading to Ganondorf, then the Marbled Gohma will seem because the second in a collection of six bosses you’ll have to struggle earlier than the ultimate encounter. So long as he executes these methods and is cautious to keep away from pointless injury, this struggle should not pose an excessive amount of of a menace.

Tears of the Marble Kingdom Gohma Boss Rush


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