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Baldur’s Gate 3 greatest Druid construct

Baldur’s Gate 3 greatest Druid construct

What’s the greatest Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid construct? That is a tricky query to reply: as one of the crucial versatile lessons, druids can fill nearly any position in your celebration, from the damage-dealing bear tank to a utility and therapeutic specialist. Our information breaks down all of the choices accessible, together with the three confirmed sub-classes: Circle of the Moon, Circle of the Land and Circle of the Spores.

If druids aren’t piquing your curiosity in Baldur’s Gate 3, our full information to the perfect lessons accessible might need a task you may wish to fill when the discharge date rolls round. Do not forget to take a look at our overview of the playable races of Faerûn, as there are some unimaginable choices – no person desires to play as a boring human once you generally is a demonic-looking Tiefling, proper? If nature-loving, shapeshifting druids pique your curiosity, learn on to see how you can profit from this versatile class.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 druid character creation overview

This is some worthwhile details about class options, mechanics, and subclassics that may enable you to determine which sort of druid you wish to handle.

Class options:

Druids have proficiency with the next tools:

  • Membership Experience
  • Proficiency with the dagger
  • Proficiency with darts
  • Javelin proficiency
  • Mild armor proficiency
  • Proficiency with the mace
  • Common armor proficiency
  • Headquarters experience
  • Scimitar Proficiency
  • Defend proficiency
  • Scythe Proficiency
  • Slingshot Proficiency
  • Spear proficiency

In addition they have proficiency in Knowledge and Intelligence saving throws, and have two degree 1 spell slots. As well as, they’ll choose two cantrips from degree 1. Cantrips take up no spell slots.

Distinctive Mechanic: Wild Form

  • Wild form – Druids acquire entry to this function at degree 2, together with the flexibility to decide on one among three subclasses. Wild Form can initially be used twice for brief relaxation. You may also speak to animals when utilizing Wild Form; nevertheless, whereas remodeled, you can’t forged spells and revert to a traditional kind once you attain 0 hit factors.

You’ll be able to rework into 5 completely different wild beasts at degree two, with the flexibility to vary extra at greater ranges. These embody: badger, bear, cat, spider, wolf, and later a horrible crow and deep rothe. Every animal kind has completely different skills, these are as follows:

  • Badger: Digs into the bottom, knocking enemies inclined once you respawn. He has 13 hit factors
  • Bear: Draw the aggression of enemies, whereas defending your allies. Has 30 hit factors (Circle of the Moon solely)
  • Cat: Appeal to consideration with an cute meow. He has 2 hit factors.
  • Spider: Spiders can net enemies to gradual them down. Has 20 hit factors
  • Wolf: A ferocious howl permits you to enhance the motion vary of your allies. He has 18 hit factors
  • Merciless crow: Blinds enemies with a ferocious beak. Has 21 hit factors (Circle of the Moon solely)
  • Deep Roth: You’ll be able to cost enemies to knock them inclined. He has 23 hit factors

baldurs gate 3 golden dwarf druid in character creation
Traits of the Circle of the Moon subclass

Circle of the Moon focuses on the ever-changing facet of the druid’s arsenal. They acquire Fight Wild Form, which makes Wild Form a bonus motion. In addition they obtain the highly effective Lunar Mend spell, which could be forged whereas in beast kind, and entry to Bear and Dire Raven types.

Traits of the Circle of the Land subclass

Circle of the Land leans on the spellcasting facet of the Druid. Whereas they’ll nonetheless use Wild Form, they cannot use it as a bonus motion. The principle function of this subclass is the Pure Restoration function, which restores spell slots with no lengthy relaxation. In addition they obtain a wider vary of spells to select from and extra cantrips.

Traits of the Spore Circle subclass

The traits of this subclass are at present unconfirmed because it was not a part of Early Entry. We are going to replace once we know extra; nevertheless, from what Larian Studios has revealed, it leans closely into decay, spores, and the undead.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid Constructing Information

Right here is the perfect Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid construct:

  • Subclass – Circle of the Moon
  • Race – Wooden Elf
  • Background – Stranger
  • Abilities – Animal administration and nature
  • Weapon: Any quarterstaff or membership

Ability scores

We suggest these talent scores in your druid; observe that utilizing Wild Form modifications your talent scores, so that they solely rely in your base kind.

Listed here are the perfect stats for Druid:

  • 8 – 10 Power
  • 16 Dexterity
  • 12 – 13 Structure
  • 8 – 10 Intelligence
  • 16 Knowledge
  • 8 – 10 Charisma

Be at liberty to decrease Power, Intelligence, or Charisma to eight to spice up one or the opposite to 12; nevertheless, we suggest leaving them at 10 for a extra balanced nature lover. It is essential to not overlook dexterity and toughness resulting from how worthwhile they’re in holding you alive if you have not used Wild Form. Not all battles towards goblins and bandits require you to unleash the bear’s fury. Conversely, since Wild Form is initially restricted to 2 instances per quick relaxation, we suggest saving it for harder opponents.

Power is much less essential due to the Shillelagh cantrip, which lets you enchant your quarterstaff or mace to deal harm based mostly in your Knowledge modifier as a substitute of energy.

baldurs gate 3 wood elf druid in character creation

The most effective races for druids

Right here is the perfect race for Druid:

  • Wooden Elf – Presently, Wooden Elves are the perfect races for Druids not solely as a result of they offer a +1 bonus to Knowledge, however as a result of the category receives different racial advantages reminiscent of proficiency with the Longbow and the Shortbow which may make nice use of a Druid’s excessive dexterity. In addition they have a base racial pace of 10.5 meters, which will increase the quantity they’ll transfer per flip, and so they acquire a Stealth proficiency. Thematically, additionally they match the perfect.
  • Golden dwarf – Gold Dwarves additionally obtain a +1 bonus to Knowledge, permitting you to succeed in that unimaginable 16. Nevertheless, their vary of motion is restricted in comparison with Wooden Elves; as a substitute, they acquire dwarven resistance, which will increase their hit level most by 1 per degree. For a tankier Druid, Gold Dwarf is the best way to go.

Higher background and expertise

Venturing into Faerûn is extra than simply fight. Whereas the druid class can actually make use of intimidation and instinct, leaning on its tree-hugging roots will make for a flexible adventurer exterior of massive cities.

  • Background: Stranger – This background supplies athletics and survival, each of that are important for exploring the hazards of The Sword Coast. Thematically, it additionally suits.
  • Abilities: Athletics and Survival from Outlander background. Animal administration, nature and notion full this construct. Moreover, Wooden Elves acquire Stealth.
    baldurs gate 3 wolves howl together

Druid leveling information

This information supplies info on what spells and talents to make use of as you degree up your druid. Presently, this information solely covers as much as degree 5.

  • Stage 1: Druids should choose two cantrips at degree 1 and that is the one requirement, aside from spell preparation whereas not in fight. Choose the Shillelagh enchantment to improve a quarterstaff or mace and the Steerage enchantment to present allies a strong bonus on talent checks
  • Stage 2: right here it’s a must to select a subclass; you may wish to choose Circle of the Moon to get essentially the most out of Wild Form. It will assist you to change to all animals accessible at this degree, together with the mighty bear kind, and achieve this as a bonus motion
  • Stage 3: Stage 3 introduces new spell slots and a number of latest spells to organize. You may wish to select the spells that take advantage of sense for the state of affairs you are in. Some helpful additions to this degree embody Moonbeam and Maintain Particular person. Be at liberty to experiment; they are often modified exterior of fight at any time
  • Stage 4: Achieve extra spell slots and an additional cantrip. Thorn Whip and Poison Spray are each good decisions for dealing harm. At degree 4, you may as well select a feat; right here, taking the talent rating enhancement to extend your knowledge by 2 factors will make your spells much more highly effective when you’re not in animal kind. Since you may be spending as a lot time as doable in animal kind, different feats are much less essential.
  • Stage 5: You acquire two degree 3 spell slots at this degree and may put together 8 spells in whole. This consists of the highly effective Name Lightning, which can be utilized again and again with out expending a number of spell slots.


Since you may be spending loads of time in numerous animal types or casting spells when it is secure to take action, equipping different members of your celebration earlier than your Druid is a good thought. That mentioned, druids do profit from the Shillelagh Cantrip which may solely be forged on a quarterstaff or mace, so we suggest equipping one or the opposite to profit from this highly effective buff. Nature’s Snare Quarterstaff has an opportunity to snare a goal when used – it is excellent for this setup.

Druids are proficient with each gentle and medium armor. Subsequently, equipping the perfect of both is not going to sort it is not going to have an effect on your capability to forged spells.

With all this info in thoughts, you need to be capable of discover Faerun as the perfect tree-hugging druid round. Remember the fact that potential companion Halsin can be a druid, so remember to test our companion information to be sure to do not overlap an excessive amount of.

It is unconfirmed whether or not you may rework right into a bear and get frisky with celebration members like Halsin, however this class has loads of different distinctive options to make sure that having two or extra Druids will not be a detriment to your adventures throughout the lore-rich world of Faerun. Should you’re thinking about studying extra about Baldur’s Gate 3’s background, try our overview of the lore, story setting, and timeline.


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