Calling the newest Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon video snippet a “story trailer” is maybe a little bit beneficiant on FromSoftware’s half. There are stretches of story set right here in an enigmatic dialogue between a mysterious Handler Walter and their much more mysterious nameless boss. However let’s be actual: You are right here for the gloriously gritty CG-rendered mechs. On that entrance at the very least, Fires of Rubicon’s newest look does not disappoint.

The story trailer skips any gameplay to go all-in on showcasing Armored Core’s heavy, shooty-jetpacking mechs in full stompy-shooty-jet-packing mode, showcasing From’s acquainted abilities for crafting atmospheric, action-packed sequences that usually hardly make sense on their very own.

The trailer cuts to a melancholy panning a few pilot hooked as much as medical gear in a mattress – presumably the participant character – referred to solely as “it” after which “621,” implying a connection to the opposite numbered pilots (617, 619, 620) proven getting shot and burned whereas storming a closely defended fortress-like set up outfitted with an enormous laser-like turret.

That setup is defended by a giant ol’ shifting tank that jogged my memory of Steel Gear Strong 3’s Shagohod, if he’d gone into heavy metallic as a substitute of Kojima’s love of ’80s synth-pop. In one of many trailer’s coolest scenes (a hard-fought race right here), a mech skates in the direction of the monstrous automobile earlier than ramming it with a red-hot minigun and firing at point-blank vary.

Picture Credit score: docemas Rifle/Bandai Namco

There are many different visible flashes, from lasers exploding, shields buzzing, missiles raining down from the sky, and scorched mech skeletons dripping with rainwater. There are some fast glimpses of a physique horror of Cronenberg as what appears like a bunch of wires is pulled from what seems to be an ear of some type, and 621’s physique is proven punctured by a bunch of sticks.

It additionally sounds nearly as good because it appears, with choral music harking back to Darkish Souls’ orchestral soundtrack, albeit punctuated by screeching metallic, booms and bullets.

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“621…I am going to offer you a purpose to exist. Let’s get to work,” the trailer ends, ominously, to a soundtrack of pulsing synths.

I will be damned if I’ve any concept what is going on on between the little blobs of dialogue and hints at a dystopian world of people-as-numbers pressured to battle in large robotic fits. To date, so Armored Core. What I do know is that it appears cool as hell.


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