All traits of Baldur’s Gate 3

What are the traits of Baldur’s Gate 3? As a result of it is set within the Forbidden Realms and makes use of an interpretation of the fifth version Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, Baldur’s Gate 3 has most of the passive traits out there for its roster. Every trait provides your character a definite benefit. Whether or not it is to make them historical past buffs or to stroll barely sooner than their mates, they’re nonetheless fascinating.

Because it seems, Baldur’s Gate 3 traits are a kind of options the place wanting on the fifth Version DnD RPG rulebook solely provides you a couple of solutions, and since Baldur’s Gate 3 launch date is now even nearer, it is onerous to inform what else may seem. Nonetheless, no matter selections you make when creating characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, corresponding to their race and sophistication, you possibly can relaxation assured that there’s an attractive trait that appeals to you.

A town square filled with people of different races, all with their own Baldur's Gate 3 traits.

Baldur’s Gate 3 trait checklist

To date, we all know 9 traits of Baldur’s Gate 3, every of which solely requires you to decide on one in all many races. Here’s a checklist of what Baldur’s Gate 3 traits do:

Trait titleTrait descriptionTrait requirement
Information of the creatorAdd double your proficiency bonus to Historical past checksRock gnome stage 1
Base racial paceThe gap you possibly can journey per flip relies on your race. The default is 9 meters and applies to most runs. Gold Dwarves, Protect Dwarves, Lightfoot Halflings, and Strongheart Halflings transfer solely 25 ft per flip, whereas Wooden Elves transfer 30 ft per flip.Any stage 1 character
Dwarven toughnessYour most hit level complete will increase by one, and will increase by one every time you’d stage up.Degree 1 Gold Dwarf
Foot paceYour primary strolling pace is 10.5 meters.Wooden Elf Degree 1
Gnome craftyYou might have benefit on all saving throws towards Intelligence, Knowledge, and Charisma by default.Degree 1 Deep Gnome
Forest gnome stage 1
Rock gnome stage 1
Masks of the savageYou achieve proficiency in Stealth.Wooden Elf Degree 1
Degree 1 half-elf of the woods
Naturally stealthyYou’re proficient with Stealth checks.Degree 1 lightfoot halfling
Stone camouflageYou might have benefit on stealth checksDegree 1 Deep Gnome
Sturdy coronary heart resilienceYou might have benefit on all saving throws towards poison and are immune to poison injury.Strongheart Halfling Degree 1

These are all of the traits of Baldur’s Gate 3 that we all know of thus far. We even have some helpful hints about Baldur’s Gate 3 abilities and the way they relate to proficiency. There are additionally many Baldur’s Gate 3 abilities, which work much like traits, in addition to standing results with which your abilities can have an effect on enemies.

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