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All Starfield weapons and weapons revealed to date New 0

All Starfield weapons and weapons revealed to date New 0

What are the Starfield weapons and weapons? We’ve lastly had an opportunity to have a look at some gameplay for the upcoming RPG, and it seems such as you’re going to wish an arsenal of sci-fi weapons on you always to outlive throughout the sport’s 1,000 planets.

Relying on the kind of planet you drop on, its alien inhabitants is perhaps the least of your issues within the RPG sport. If there’s loot up for grabs, you would possibly should be cautious of piratical Starfield factions just like the Crimson Fleet, who’re attempting to say each treasured useful resource they’ll get their mitts on. Remember to fastidiously contemplate your Starfield weapons earlier than exploring a brand new planet as that you must plan for the hazards forward. Right here’s every thing we all know concerning the Starfield weapons to date.

All Starfield weapons

Listed here are the confirmed Starfield weapons and melee weapons to date:

  • AR-99 Assault Rifle
  • Ashta Tamer
  • Barrow Knife
  • Beowulf AR
  • Coachman Shotgun
  • Fight Knife
  • Cutter
  • Drum Beat Rifle
  • Ember Laser Pistol
  • EON Semi-Auto Pistol
  • Equinox Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Eternity’s Gate Particle Beam Rifle
  • Experiment A-7 Shotgun
  • Fortune’s Glory
  • Frag Grenade
  • Grendel SMG
  • Laborious Goal
  • Lawgiver
  • Maelstrom SMG
  • Magpulse Railgun
  • Magshear Railgun
  • Magshot Railgun
  • Magsniper Railgun
  • Magstorm Railgun
  • Microgun
  • Negotiator Grenade Launcher
  • Pacifier Shotgun
  • Razorback Revolver
  • Rescue Axe
  • Ripshank
  • Shrapnel Grenade
  • Tombstone Rifle
  • UC Naval Cutlass
  • City Eagle Revolver


We solely caught a glimpse of the AR-99 Assault Rifle in motion, nevertheless it seems like a stalwart mid-range gun in the proper palms. Touchdown a headshot with this weapon can deal deadly injury in a short time, so this may very well be an important choice for individuals who prefer to maintain their distance and preserve ammo.

Ashta Tamer

It’s unclear proper now if the Ashta Tamer is a shotgun or a lever-action rifle, however we’re comparatively certain that this gun originates from Akila Metropolis attributable to its Wild West look.

Barrow Knife

This knife by itself is actually a list-minute resort, because it does a small chunk of melee injury. Even then, its vary is kind of brief, however you’ll find them in every single place.

Beowulf AR

This assault rifle, named after the well-known Outdated English poem, is primarily utilized by the United Colonies faction. With 36 injury per bullet, a 30-round journal, and a fireplace charge of fifty by default, it’s a good mid- to long-range choice.


The Coachman is a double-barrel Shotgun with a space-age glow-up that’s excellent for checking corners. Whereas the EON Pistol and Grendel SMG require a number of pictures to take down regular enemies, the Coachman Shotgun can blast pirates into items with one shell, offered you’re shut sufficient. Whether or not you’re aiming on the legs or the pinnacle, your opponent will really feel the total pressure of a shotgun someplace on their squishy physique.

Fight Knife

The Fight Knife is the usual problem chopping device that each one United Colonies fight personnel are issued upon becoming a member of, as you may see from the branding on the blade. This light-weight weapon doesn’t do a whole lot of injury, although, and has a brief vary.


This can be a laser-beam device that isn’t technically a weapon. Its major goal is to reap some uncooked supplies from the bottom, and this weapon routinely equips whenever you enter scan mode. The Cutter routinely recharges to 100 items after use, making it the one infinitely taking pictures weapon. To compensate for this, the Cutter’s energy is among the many lowest within the sport.

Drum Beat

One other rifle, this one manufactured by Combatech. This makes use of 11mm Caseless ammunition and may match 60 bullets in a single journal. Whereas it has an honest hearth charge of 160, every bullet solely does eight injury per spherical.


The Ember with Combatech Solstice branding is an ordinary laser pistol with a laser sight.  This laser pistol has fairly a gradual hearth charge of 25 and respectable accuracy in comparison with computerized ballistic weapons. It does require reloading after 16 pictures by default, and the injury is comparatively low.

The EON pistol pointing towards a space ship


Sporting a inventory journal that may maintain 12 bullets, the EON Semi-Auto Pistol is perhaps a powerful choice when your main weapon runs out of bullets in the course of a struggle. Luckily, this gun might be modified with varied attachments to make it significantly stronger in a while. Relying on the Analysis Tasks you full, this handgun might be outfitted with a laser sight, drum journal, and muzzle brake.


The Equinox Semi-Auto Rifle is a uncommon weapon positioned inside a locked weapon case on Kreet. This power weapon fires white lasers at enemies, however that you must be standing nonetheless. In any other case, your pictures can turn out to be extremely inaccurate. Ensure you’re aiming down the sights utilizing the Equinox to maximise your injury and accuracy. You possibly can even hearth lasers at enemy jetpacks to rapidly rating an prompt kill, sending pirates flying earlier than they explode mid-air.

Eternity’s Gate

Eternity’s Gate is a uncommon, heavy, and considerably unwieldy-looking particle beam rifle that fires unstable rounds that would probably fail to fireplace. Nonetheless, if it hits, it does 50 power injury on prime of the 17 bodily injury by default, making it pack a severe punch.

Experiment A-7

One other uncommon weapon, the Experiment A-7 is a extremely unorthodox shotgun that does tons of bodily injury. Whereas it has a low hearth charge, its capability is kind of good for shotguns, and comes with a reflex sight. This gun is probably going a reward for finishing a mission.

Fortune’s Glory

Sadly, we solely see the title of this weapon, however the one very important piece of data we are able to glean from it’s that this is without doubt one of the legendary Starfield weapons.

Frag Grenade

Pull out the pin and throw; the Frag Grenade is so simple as it will get in relation to the vary of explosive ordinance. They’re comparatively frequent, and you may enhance their vary and injury with the assistance of every rank of Demolitions within the Starfield expertise menu.

the Gradel SMG being held in a dark room


Starfield could also be set within the yr 2330, however the Grendel certain seems lots like a P90. This stocky, bullpup SMG, named after a personality within the Outdated English poem Beowulf, has a whopping 50 bullets per journal, making it nice for clearing rooms with out reloading. Probably the most shocking facet of the Grendel is its spectacular recoil. Sometimes, P90s lose a few of their accuracy when repeatedly firing, however that doesn’t seem like the case right here.

Laborious Goal

That is one other weapon that we solely have a glimpse at its title and nothing else. It may probably be one other distinctive weapon, however we’re not sure of its rarity right now.


This weapon is just ever proven within the trailers in a modified kind, and even so, we solely see it listed by title, so we don’t know what sort of gun that is proper now. Nonetheless, we’ll replace you as quickly as we get our palms on the bottom model.


Lightning-fast, however extremely troublesome to deal with, the Maelstrom SMG is a incredible weapon if that you must lay down some suppressive hearth or rush an enemy. Like with most rapid-firing SMGs, the Maelstrom’s accuracy falls to items when transferring round or utilizing your jetpack, however that’s why it’s received such a beneficiant journal capability – you’re certain to hit one thing.

Magpulse Railgun

That is an electromagnetic railgun that blasts enemies for 71 injury per shot. That alone makes the Magpulse a formidable choice at lengthy vary, however what makes it much more lethal is that the injury comes within the type of 25 focusing on lasers to fireplace without delay. In order that 71 injury is per laser, making something massive hit by it simply soften earlier than your eyes.

Magshear Railgun

This railgun is weaker than the Magpulse railgun at solely 13 injury per laser, nevertheless it nonetheless packs a severe punch, as 25 lasers without delay can do a complete of 325 injury. It’s greatest used towards bigger targets.

Magshot Railgun

One other railgun that acts equally to the others. It does 53 injury per shot, placing it in an analogous injury vary to that of a low-level shotgun.

Magsniper Railgun

That is one other railgun you’ll find within the sport, however this one we’ve solely ever seen by title and in a modified kind within the trailers.

Magstorm Railgun

One more railgun, and that is the weakest one at solely 9 injury per shot. Nonetheless, this one has a vastly elevated hearth charge, making it totally computerized, so whereas every shot isn’t hitting arduous, it’s at the very least firing continually.

The Microgun is the Starfield guns equivalent of a minigun. The player is wearing a spacesuit as they rev up the gun's rotating barrel.


If you happen to’re a Fallout fan and miss becoming a member of the Brotherhood of Metal to get your palms on a minigun, the Microgun is the closest you’ll get in Starfield. We don’t know the way a lot injury it does per shot, however the firing charge will doubtless be absurdly excessive.


The Negotiator seems to be a grenade launcher of some variety, utilizing 40mm projectiles that explode. Although it is also some shotgun, the variety of projectiles in a single journal means that this isn’t the case.


To date, we’ve seen this shotgun solely in a modified kind, and even then, we don’t know the stats of even this modified weapon simply but, however that is used a good bit in the course of the Starfield Direct showcase. It’s highly effective sufficient to blast away enemies at shut vary and does important injury at longer ranges.


So far as pistols go, this is without doubt one of the extra highly effective base weapons. At 109 injury per shot, this revolver hits like a sucker punch to the face. Nonetheless, like all revolvers, it has a restricted chamber and a decrease firing charge, so each shot must depend.

Rescue Axe

Although a moderately gradual melee weapon that does okay injury, the Rescue Axe does have some vary to it, which means that you could maintain your enemies at a distance. It may well even take down enemies with excessive bodily resistance higher than even some weapons.


From its title alone, it’s difficult to find out precisely what the Ripshank is, as we’ve solely seen it in a listing window. Nonetheless, the verb ‘shank’ is an off-the-cuff time period for slashing or stabbing with a makeshift knife, so our greatest guess is that it’s some type of knife.

Shrapnel Grenade

That is similar to the Frag Grenade, besides this Shrapnel model sends out exploding clusters upon detonation. This may doubtless be efficient towards any unarmored targets.


That is one other rifle that we’ve seen solely a modified model of to date. That stated, we are able to at the very least see that it’s some type of computerized rifle with respectable injury and a great charge of fireplace.

UC Naval Cutlass

A sword that’s given to members of the United Colonies army. This sword ought to have an honest vary for a melee weapon and will probably be simpler than an ordinary knife, however maybe not as a lot injury because the Rescue Axe.

The Urban Eagle is one of the many Starfield guns that can be customized. This one has the Urban Eagle branding on the side, a green laser pointer, and a silencer on the barrel.

City Eagle

We see this revolver-style pistol in the course of the Starfield Direct showcase in a bit the place the participant is stealthy. We don’t know the way a lot injury it does, however even with a suppressor mod connected, it drops the foes within the participant’s manner with a single headshot.

That’s every thing we all know concerning the confirmed Starfield weapons proper now. With over 1,000 distinctive planets to discover, we totally count on to see dozens extra weapons when the Starfield launch date rolls round. Don’t neglect to take a look at our Starfield companions information to seek out out who may very well be becoming a member of you in your adventures by means of house. For the entire Starfield weapons database, try Starfield Db – a useful Starfield reference device.


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