All of the distinctive dungeon bosses and what they do in Tears of the Kingdom

Each time you defeat a boss in one of many The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears 4 important dungeons, that boss will reappear in particular arenas within the Depths to be challenged once more. Apart from serving as a simple option to combat bosses once more with out beginning a brand new sport, it additionally lets you get the distinctive boss rewards. They principally come within the type of fusible supplies for large will increase in assault energy, with each behaving barely in a different way. This Kingdom tears the information will discuss every of those distinctive boss drops and the perks they supply.

The makes use of of every dungeon boss come into play Kingdom tears

The primary of those drops, Colgera Jaw, spawns after defeating Colgera, the boss of the Wind Temple, within the depths. It comes with an assault energy of 36, a strong reward for beating what I and lots of others contemplate to be one of many best bosses within the sport. Moreover, the Colgera Jaw counts as a pointy materials, which means it might lower by means of bushes, vines, rope, and different issues that blunt weapons can not. Fusing it with a protect will can help you harm enemies utilizing parries, which might come in useful if you have already got a list stuffed with highly effective fused weapons.

Subsequent, we have now Marbled Gohma’s leg, the reward for defeating the Fireplace Temple boss, Marbled Gohma. This materials supplies barely extra assault energy than 38 and has the identical properties as rocks, boulders, and different “onerous” objects, so it might simply break rock partitions and mineral deposits. The Marbled Gohma Leg turns into particularly highly effective towards bosses which have ore deposits as weaknesses, specifically Stone Taluses and Froxes.

Lastly, there’s the Queen Gibdo Wing, obtained by defeating the comparatively crafty Queen Gibdo of the Lightning Temple. She is the strongest of the three drops resulting from her assault energy of 36, and she or he additionally produces gusts of wind that blow enemies away when she is used with a weapon. Moreover, she alters the cost assault of her two-handed weapons to that of the Eightfold Longblade, which means she performs a single slash as a substitute of a multi-swinging spin assault. Personally, I discover the usual spin cost assault to be way more efficient at dealing harm shortly, so I might save the Queen Gibdo Wing for hand weapons or spears if doable.

And the Mucktorok?

Be aware that the Mucktorok is the one one of many 4 important bosses Kingdom tears to not present distinctive drops when defeated. As a substitute, it merely drops a considerable amount of supplies that you’d usually get from customary Octoroks.

Tears Of The Kingdom boss drops Gohma's leg marbled

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