Emissary of the butterfliesThe primary Deviant acquired in the course of the introductory missions of As soon as Human.Dayton WetlandsAutomated assault with deadly flawInexperienced mild, flowersSeed assortmentThis Deviant is obtained by defeating the Treant boss within the Gaia Cliff Monolith in As soon as Human.Damaged DeltaDwelling ArmorCrops, Flowers, Excessive TemperaturePurulent gelObtained by defeating the primary boss, Ravenous Hunter, within the Monolith of Greed.Dayton WetlandsImpeccable fortification
Constructing fortificationsPink mild, energy 2WElectrical EelThere’s a probability to acquire this diverted merchandise by fishing at Meyer's Market, Docks.Damaged DeltaElectrical energy fluctuationsBlue mild, music, excessive temperatureFrog the jumperLikelihood to spawn close to lily pads in water.
Capacity to look on high of stacked automobiles close to the mounted mini reflex sight.River of IronSpring legsToy, energy 2WPet buddyLikelihood to drop from morphic crates scattered round Nalcott, on PvP servers solely.Pink SandsInexperienced mild, musical toysCanine craniumObtained by defeating the fourth boss, Rabizex, discovered within the Monolith of Thirst.Chalk PeakSplinter Shot, Auto AssaultEnergy 5W, crimson mild, low temperatureDream CatcherObtained by defeating the Arachsiam boss contained in the Mirage Monolith.River of IronDream CatcherBlue mild, music quantity, flowersRebeccaLikelihood to acquire on the finish of the raid on the LEA analysis lab.Pink SandsVitality Recuperate, Mitsuko performs the pianoToys, Flowers, Inexperienced MildBeaver chopping woodenThis Deviant could seem on the finish of the pier in As soon as Human.Damaged DeltaTimber felledMusic, Crops, Excessive Temperature, Energy 3WGingerbread homeCapacity to look within the map space in As soon as Human.Damaged DeltaMorph CrumbsPink mild, crops, excessive temperatureBuzzing BeeDeviants may be dropped from morphic crates scattered round Nalcott on As soon as Human PvE servers solely.Dayton WetlandsPlantation variantMusic, Crops, FlowersDigby BoyLikelihood to drop from any mined ore. Silver appears to have the best probability to drop this Deviant in As soon as Human.Damaged DeltaOre mineMusic, Toy, Excessive Temperature, Energy 5WHug in a bowlThis specimen has an opportunity to look on the street west of Hearst Industries.River of IronHome made tagliatelleCrops, FlowersDisco ballIt’s typically discovered within the southwest, outdoors Greywater Camp.River of IronAbsolute delightInexperienced mild, blue mild, crimson mildArea gyratorThis Deviant may be discovered outdoors the Gaia Analysis Heart Ruins.Damaged DeltaArea TwistBlue mild, toyMr. WantLikelihood to acquire by finishing Securement Silo – Sigma.Damaged DeltaGoal paint, auto assaultPink mild, music quantity, flowers, energy 10WChefosaurus RexCapacity to look contained in the Safety Silo – Phi on PvE servers solely.River of IronCooking velocityPink mild, toy, excessive temperatureH37Deviant is rewarded for finishing the As soon as Human story missions.River of IronExplorerMusic, Toy, Energy 10WPolar gelatinDrop probability for finishing Securement Silo – EX1 on PvE servers solely.Chalk PeakFrost Strike, Auto AssaultBlue mild, 3W energy, low temperatureEnchanted VoidDrops by finishing Securement Silo – Theta on PvE servers solely. Defeat the Gluttony Boss to get this Deviant in As soon as Human.Pink SandsMidnight Maul, auto assaultPink mild, flowers, low temperature, electrical energyPhysician TeddyDrop probability for finishing Securement Silo – Theta on PvP servers solely.Pink SandsDistant Therapeutic, Actual-Time TherapeuticInexperienced mild, toyNutcrackerAwarded for defeating the Mensdevoran contained in the Forsaken Monolith.Pink SandsCellular turretInexperienced mild, toy, energy 5WPyro DinoThis creature has an opportunity to spawn contained in the Safety Silo – Phi on PvP servers solely.River of IronAoE assault, concentrated assaultInexperienced mild, excessive temperature, toysAtomic lighterDrop probability for finishing Securement Silo – EX1 on PvP servers solely.Chalk PeakUncontrollable Fusion LighterPink mild, music, energy 3WWithin the windDrop probability for finishing a Prime Conflict on PvE servers solely.River of IronGravitational carryBlue mild, crimson mild, flowers, electrical energyGrumpy mild bulbLikelihood to acquire by harvesting a Deviated Onion you planted. Onion seeds may be bought on the Tall Grass Inn.Chalk PeakConfuse, Harm to the StateCrops, Flowers, Excessive TemperatureMasonic PyramidThis Deviant has an opportunity to be launched solely by finishing a Prime Conflict on the As soon as Human PvP servers.River of IronA dimensional whim shatteredBlue mild, music, excessive temperature, energy 10WRabbit of the retrieverUse an appropriate axe to chop down any Big Dracaena tree for an opportunity to acquire the Deviant.Damaged DeltaCollects shrubsCrops, Toy, Flowers


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