Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Where to Find All Letters 13 Locations Maggie Adler Guide Walkthrough

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There are 13 letters from Maggie Adler scattered across the areas of Camena in Oxenfree 2: Misplaced Indicators. Every offers just a little extra context in regards to the occasions of the narrative and encourages extra exploration of the world. You will want to gather all 13 to unlock the totally different achievements for the 5 totally different units, so here is the place to search out them.

All 13 Maggie Adler letter areas round Camena in Oxenfree 2: Misplaced Indicators

Every of Adler’s letters is identifiable by a white jingle, which frequently stands out within the impartial environments of Oxenfree 2: Misplaced Indicators. There’s an gear requirement to dig up these letters, so you may must get climbing gear from the overall retailer with Jacob earlier than the hunt can start.

Letter from Uptown Harbor

When you’re prepared to start out discovering Maggie Adler’s letters, head to the flag public sale on the town and unearth the primary one. It is simply above the overall retailer and is addressed to Mel Chapman.

Parking letter from Funnie

From the port, head left alongside the highway and proceed till you attain Funnie’s automotive park. There’s a Household Market there and you will see Ingrid White’s letter on the suitable aspect of the constructing close to the Dumpster.

Letter of Copper Creek Path

Head up the highway and hit the Copper Creek Path for the subsequent letter. You will finally attain a junction on the trail the place you may must take a proper and scramble up a cliff to achieve Mel Chapman’s letter on a ledge there.

Letter from Pemmican Trailhead

Step off the ledge and go left, persevering with alongside the Copper Creek Path. When you attain the Pemmican Trailhead space, stroll up the path and take the primary left by means of a fallen log and right into a small clearing the place the letter JB is situated.

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals Where to find all Maggie Adler Camber Cape letter locations

Letter from Camber Cape

Go to Camber Cape and stroll up the hill till you’re close to the highest. There’s a small animal gap to the suitable that incorporates the letter JB.

Tilia dot letters

There are two letters in Level Tilia. The primary one is close to the underside left finish of the placement and requires a rope to descend. Comply with the paths and proceed left by means of the waterfall. The trail finally drops down to some extent the place you will note the letter JB on a ledge. Use a rope to achieve it.

The opposite is in direction of the ranger station, however not that far. You will see a discover board close by that you could go to the suitable and climb some winding paths to achieve Ingrid White’s letter.

Letter from Tootega Falls

Cross the bridge of the big waterfall to the left and go down the steps, then soar on the stones to achieve the letter JB.

Letter from Horseshoe Seashore

There’s a pre-requisite to selecting up this letter which entails a confrontation with Charlie in Tootega Falls. As soon as accomplished, he rides again to the horseshoe seashore and steps all the way down to the sand. Kenneth Younger’s letter is by the water underneath a rock arch.

Letter from Waterhead Bluffs

Advance by means of Waterhead Bluffs by fixing the puzzle of the collapsing mine and escaping the cave. You’ll climb a ladder after which a cliff in your technique to the subsequent cave. There’s a small path related to one of many ledges which results in a letter from Kenneth Younger.

Charity level letter

The letter is on a ledge at Charity Level. Head up the trail after which down to amass Kenneth Younger’s letter.

Letter from Garland Ghost City

Head to the church on the town and thru the graveyard to some steps that lead on to Ingrid White’s letter.

Letter from Barenson Creek

This final letter is just accessible after accumulating the remaining. Ranging from Jacob’s home, go down the trail to the shed the place you will see the letter.

As soon as you discover all 13 of Maggie Adler’s letters in these areas, you’ll have the outcomes for Oxenfree 2: Misplaced Indicators and be nearer to finishing the total sport.

Remember that this sport is free for Netflix subscribers if you’d like your pals to observe the journey too. The Steam Introductory Supply additionally solely lasts for the primary week of availability earlier than the worth will increase.


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